Thursday, July 13, 2017

Things that are Celebrating 9 years of Marriage!

I realized that I never posted about our anniversary last year (2016). It was a bit of a downer since we were undergoing IVF. But we still tried to make the best of it.

Chase and I have ventured to Donut Falls in the winter:

We've never hiked to Donut Falls during the summer and wanted to experience the hike after having been more active. I also try and do different things each year, instead of the same ol' stuff.

So to start off the day we went and got sushi! Even though we both had to work.

Then after work we headed to Big Cottonwood Canyon:

It was nice up the canyon and wasn't too cold

We saw a lot of pot guts who were so fat!

I was thankful I wore my Chacos so my feet could get wet

This is infertility and having to give yourself shots in the mountains

After we hiked back down to our car, we drove up a bit further to Silver Lake which neither one of us had been to before. 

It was beautiful and nice to get out and enjoy nature. Afterwards we went out to The Habit for dinner which was delicious!

And unfortunately a few weeks after we found out our IVF cycle failed.

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