Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Things that are Pasadena California Mini Vacation

Chase and I had planned to attend the American Fertility Expo that was held in Pasadena, CA the last day of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) April 29, 2017. We were attending for our nonprofit, The Hope for Fertility Foundation

When we first set out to make plans for this event, we had no idea we were pregnant. Then we found out and knew it could be a hit or miss for me attending the event. We were originally planning on driving the 12+ hours to and from California. With Chase's brother getting married the day before, our only option was to fly. Thankfully Chase has been saving his miles from all his business trips and we were able to save more money by using points rather than paying cash.

We boarded our dogs for the weekend as family was unable to watch them. I think that was the hardest thing we had to do. Thankfully we were able to text and check up on them throughout the trip.

We flew out Friday night around 10pm. I opted out of the metal detector and body scanner, which meant I had to get pat down. I have to say that was the most interesting thing to have done to date. I feel bad for those TSA agents that have to pat people down. It was very awkward for both parties involved.

We arrived at our hotel late and had to get up fairly early to get to the expo to set up.

Once at the expo I met up with a few Instagrammers to give them some free tickets. I was a little sad that I wasn't able to meet more of the ladies that lived there. At the expo we met a lot of other fertility clinics and other businesses relating to fertility.

After the expo we met up with Justine from "Finding Joy in Infertility" and we had a great chat.

The next day I wanted to be adventurous and hike to the Hollywood sign. We ended up not being able to find the trail head. It ended up working out because it was hot (for me) and we didn't have sun screen, hats or water with us. 

We then headed down to Venice Beach, and realized that parking was outrageous! By that time it was 12-1pm and there were small parking lots wanting to charge $30 for a full day's rate. It obviously wasn't a full day, and I was not willing to pay that much. I asked if they had half a day's rate, and they said no, and I said no thanks and drove off. They had an empty lot with no business. We ended up finding a parking meter that was a few blocks away from the beach, and the Venice Canals.

Chase and I took our time walking through the canals. It was unfortunate that it was low tide, and there was hardly any water in the canals. Regardless it was still fun.

 A Flamingo! Love this!

 This house was a nice bright color.

Then we saw all these cool plants and succulents:

We walked on the boardwalk in Venice Beach and I got to put my feet in the ocean, which felt so so good (especially when you have cankles).  The sand was SUPER hot, and was burning my feet, and I didn't bring my flip flops to the beach. I ended up running to get out of the sand as quickly as I could.

I did make an observation while at the beach... I saw maybe 1-2 women who were pregnant, everyone else was young and appeared to be single. I'm not sure if that's because it was a Sunday and there were still people attending a church service? But I thought it was odd. 

We then drove out to have dinner with my old roommate, Angelynn and her family. Though we didn't have a long visit, it was still nice to briefly catch up.

The following morning we met up with my cousin, Alexandra, for breakfast and had a short visit with her before our flight left.

It always amazes me how busy LA is, and the airport was not any less busy.

Overall it was a nice quick trip, but being 32 weeks pregnant really took it out of me. I'm amazed at what I thought I could do before getting pregnant (weekend warrior type person) to now just being able to go for a walk or cleaning the house.

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