Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Things that are a Pallet Sign

I started this project like 2 years ago. I had gotten a pallet from work, and then proceeded to take it apart (which is the hardest part of the project). Then it laid in our garage for the past year or more. I didn't know what I needed to do, and had other projects/blog posts that I wanted to work on. Once I quit my job, I had a lot more time and felt I could tackle it.

I based my project off of this sign from Hobby Lobby:

I started by putting the slats together, I measured the total length and width then went to the hardware store to figure out what material I could use to secure the slats in place. I also figured out what size screws I would need to hold it in. The 6 slats measured 21" in length.

I found a long piece of wood that was 3/4" thick (I think) and the slats themselves were about 1/2" thick. The hardware store was able to cut the wood into 4 pieces 20" long with a little remaining at the end. I knew I needed a screw that would be about 1" long to screw in without showing through the front of the wood.

I then decided what pieces I wanted to show on the front side and proceeded to screw in the screws on the back with a little help from Chase's drill. It turned out to be easier than what I was expecting.

What the front looks like:

I sanded the front down to make it as smooth as possible, and wiped it down in preparation to paint.

I figured out what letter design I wanted to use. Since I don't have a silhouette machine anymore I had to figure out how to get my letters on without using vinyl and making the project as cheap as possible.

I cut out the letters and traced them with a pencil onto the already painted (grey with a little water in the paint) sign. Since I'm not a patient person, I had to calmly remind myself that I wanted this project to look good and I needed to take my time.

Once the letters were traced, I started to slowly fill in the letters with white paint.

Once it was complete Chase added some hooks on the back to mount it on the wall.

I really love how it turned out.

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