Thursday, March 23, 2017

Things that are Our Gender Reveal Party

So a few days before Chase and I had our gender party I was at work and my boss wanted to see who all would guess correctly. So I took a pink and blue marker, and whatever gender you thought was the color you chose. Pretty straight forward. As you can see there was a huge mix of who thought what. A lot of the ladies at work would as me to turn so they could see my love handles, as that is an indication of if you are having a girl. One older guy asked me to look at him and he guessed off of how I looked (which he turned out to be correct).

Our invite to our Gender Party:
It's pretty funny huh!?

The day we found out the gender

Chase setting up decorations

Boy or Girl?

As you can tell we had a lot of fun with pictures after everyone left:

We had a pretty big crowd - largest that we've ever had in our house. We Skyped a friend since she got the invite too late. We also recorded the gender reveal so we could share with my dad and brother who weren't able to make it.

Of course I didn't get a picture of the food... But we did have yummy pink and blue punch, we dipped rice crispy treats in white chocolate and sprinkled pink and blue sprinkles on them, and lil' smokies (my favorite). We also had cupcakes with a cute little blue surprise in the middle for everyone at the end of the night. We also gave away prizes for anyone who put their name in the correct jar.

Overall it was a fun night and we were so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate us!

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