Sunday, February 05, 2017

Things that are Week 20 + Gender Reveal

How far along: 20 weeks + 5 days

Total weight gain: 22 pounds

Maternity clothes: I've been wearing them throughout the week now.

Stretch marks: No stretch marks yet.

Best moment this week: There are actually LOTS! We found out 100% what we are having (we had an early ultrasound from a friend before Christmas). We had a gender reveal party with lots of friends and family. Chase's brother got engaged! And we got a new mattress! I also used my deep relaxation techniques at our OB appointment and Chase did awesome with light touch on my back and trying to get me to focus on relaxing. When they first checked my blood pressure it was 140/60, which is super high. After my appointment and trying to focus on relaxing, I was able to get my blood pressure down to 107! Baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound was 155!

Miss anything: Being able to sleep on any side I want to. It's been a bit rough this week as far as being able to sleep. I've always had problems with my SI joint (the joints that connect your hip and your back) and hips, and pregnancy makes it more uncomfortable.

Movement: I told my OB on Tuesday that I still haven't felt anything and that worried me. Halfway through pregnancy and still haven't felt your baby, how do you know if things are going okay? Well that night, I was craving candy and if you know me, I don't eat or get candy cravings. So I ate an entire bag of Winco bulk cherry flavored gummie bears! About an hour or two after I started feeling something low, where my uterus normally sits, and it was consistent. I figured that was the baby, and have tried to focus on what that feeling was. So far I have only felt it early in the morning, and late at night. But as I type this it has been consistent throughout the day.

Food cravings: Candy and sweets.

Anything make you queasy or sick: I started feeling more nauseous this week, and that usually leads to me eating out more. When I feel sick I don't want to cook.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, I have a nice little belly bump.

Happy or moody most of the time: I've been a bit more happy this week.

Symptoms: Not able to eat as much as I normally would, and I get overfull quite frequently.

Belly button in or out: Still an innie.

Looking forward to: Our last hypnobirthing class. I am getting a massage tomorrow and hopefully that will help my hips. I'm going to try real hard to work out this week.

Pictures from our gender reveal:

We are so very grateful to be having a little boy! Miracles still do happen every day!

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