Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas in 2015

You know it's that time of year when you see tons of friends/family post pictures on social media of their Christmas Card or you maybe get a Christmas card in the mail (which by the way we only got 3 this year).

I decided this year that I wasn't going to spend my money on sending out a Christmas card to family, due to a reason mentioned below. I was going to write a letter in the form of an email and send it to them. Well, it's Christmas Eve, and I didn't do that. Oops...

Here's what I would say if I were sending out a Christmas card/letter:

This year has seriously flown by. I am not sure where the time went or what we did with our time. It seems that as we get older the faster the years goes by.

Chase and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary and had a "stay-cation." We went kayaking together and attended the place where we got married, the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah. We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant (Red Robin), and just enjoyed our memories together.

In June Chase and I (along with some close family) flew to Alaska to visit Chase's brother who has been working in Anchorage this past year. We spent a week hiking and seeing a ton of glaciers, unfortunately we were unable to see Mt. McKinley (Denali), as it was cloud covered (completely). We did get to visit Palmer, AK, and get a few souvenirs.

We decided it was time to work on starting our family (though we have been trying without medical help for the past 6.5 years) and went to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist who specializes in infertility. We did 3 medicated intrauterine inseminations (IUI) with no success. We are now on the path to in vitro fertilization (IVF) in January. It has been a very hard decision as most infertility related procedures are very expensive, we feel that it is time and will be worth the cost to hopefully grow our family.

Chase graduated from college in August, with his Bachelor's in Business. He also took his CISSP certification in November. He doesn't know what to do with his time now that he isn't studying. He also participated in a World Record Attempt for the most comic book characters at the Salt Lake Comic Con in September. Salt Lake Comic Con was able to get 1,784 participants, which beat the previous record. In an attempt to be healthier and live a healthier lifestyle, Chase lost 40 pounds over the course of the summer.

Tedi has been running the majority of this year, and that has taken up the bulk of her time. She signed up to run her first marathon in February, and started training for it in the beginning of May. After a knee injury from playing soccer at the end of May and not being able to run for about a month, she was still able to complete her marathon at the end of September and ran it in 5:43. She now calls herself a marathoner. She is still working full time and has a busy calling in our local church.

We are hopeful that the new year will bring us the best news (aka becoming parents). We also thank you for your love, prayers and support.

Merry Christmas!


Chase, Tedi, Hurley, Pepper

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