Sunday, November 01, 2015

Things that are "It's my Holiday..."

My favorite holiday comes once a year. As is every holiday. Mine just happens to be Thanksgiving. It seems every year, without fail the stores decide to bring out their holiday (Christmas) decor earlier and earlier. This year I saw it up BEFORE Halloween. Ya, it really REALLY bothers me. Well I was on facebook a few weeks ago and saw this, decided I would steal it and use it to show people that they still need to remember what they are Thankful for. Seriously....


We need to be thankful for the country that we live in to allow us all sorts of freedoms. Like freedom of religion and speech. Do you remember learning about the first Thanksgiving in school? It usually represents giving thanks of a bountiful harvest. It is one of the only holiday's that doesn't involve commercialism. I mean we get the same things, Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy... But we don't have to buy anything, we celebrate Thanks.

I read this article from a few years ago and the articles main focus is the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I also found this site that helps explain The First Thanksgiving.

Please give thanks this Thanksgiving. Let us not focus on Christmas just yet, let us not listen to Christmas music just yet.

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