Friday, October 16, 2015

Things That are Our Yearly Photo Shoot

Chase and I get our pictures taken every year to send to family and friends. I know it's kind of weird for us infertiles over here to be sending out Christmas cards with pictures of us, without having any kids. But ya know what?! I really don't care. We have furbabies who grow and look different as the years go by too. #dontjudge

For the past 5 years we have used our friend Alexa (Stephanie) Ogilvie to take our pictures. And by golly she outdid herself this year! I am SO impressed by her talent! She has had pictures in the Ensign (as of this month - look for Stephanie O.) and other church places. You can reach her via Facebook. You can also view her blog that she updates regularly (shows all of our pics with that link).

Here's a few that are my favorite that I HAD to share! They are adorable and it was such a fun shoot! 

 We love our family photo with the dogs

We had to bribe the dogs with little pieces of carrots to get them to pose for us

 I am always really worried that Hurley will run off (cause he has before) and so I always feel the need to hold his leash

This one is one of my favorites - the colors are just perfect!

 This is my favorite picture by far! I just love how she edited it and the colors just work

 Alex always asks us to make silly faces and of course we supply :)

 I thought it would be fun to do a few pictures with Iron Man Helmets we have, and use the shirts that we've got. This is my favorite from them.

This is my favorite close up of Chase and I

 The first blow is already the hardest ;)

 There were So. Many. Feathers. I couldn't believe how many are in 2 pillows, and we stopped hitting each other after only using half of each! Well worth it, and it was a fun idea!

P.S. Our hard drive that has all of our pictures on it, and music and our whole married life, decided it was going to die... So I can't do anymore posts about Alaska trip until we restore the drive somehow... Let's hope we can get it back...

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