Thursday, September 10, 2015

Things that are Alaska Family Vacation Day 1-2

So Chase and I bummed a vacation with Chase's aunt, Lora; his uncle Jason, and his parents (Mom and Raydad Palmer), up to Anchorage Alaska to visit his brother.

It was a late flight out there - we got there about 11:30pm Friday night. The first thing we saw was that it was still light outside! wtc!

Day 1 - Saturday:

The following morning the party of 5 left for Kenai to go river rafting. Chase and I have a goal to go to the temple to do a temple session where ever we go. So that was the one thing that I wanted to do. It was awesome! The temple is seriously so small - the stake center across the parking lot is bigger than the temple.

After the temple we changed and stopped at Tommy's Burger Stop for lunch. The wait was long, but it was definitely worth it.

After, Chase and I headed downtown to see the solstice celebration (they have it every year) and check out some gift shops.

Rod Perry was there with his sled and one of the Alaskan Malamutes.
 The dogs paw was as big as my hand! She was so nice and really friendly.
We saw this moose and Chase's first thought was he should be named Sven from the movie Frozen. 

Downtown Solstice!

We then went to Kencaid Park to find a geocache:
 The park is HUGE! And you have lots of chances of seeing moose.

 Lots of bushes and trees - I should have worn pants, because my legs got attacked by the brush.

 These two cute chipmunks just sat and starred at us. 

 This was the geocache - it was missing its eyes.

This is what its supposed to look like. This is from Chase's trip up to Alaska last May. 

On our way back to the BIL's house we saw this sign and had to stop and take a picture. Obviously the house is NOT haunted. awww... too bad!

Later that night we met back up with the group of 5 and went to watch Lonestar perform a free concert downtown. It was still light out after the concert. We also were all were amazed that there was no traffic after the concert.

 A cool train that Chase took a picture of. 

 This is the time and how light it was outside.

 You can see Lonestar rocking out!
 I was amazed at how light it was outside at 9:30pm!

Day 2 - Sunday:

Got up and got ready for church. We went shopping at Costco for food for the week, and I think it was definitely worse than going to Costco in Utah on a Saturday. I don't have a picture - but believe me when I say it's worse!

We had a BBQ and I tried my first ever Reindeer Sausage - not too bad.

Chase and I went on a hike near Campbell Airstrip. We were worried about bears (who isn't?!) and so I started singing songs, and then Chase had an idea to play music from his phone (duh!)
The air strip was pretty cool. It was pretty long, and it took us on quite the walk.

 We saw this sign - not sure if it's meant for just winter, or summer too?

 This is the trail we took to get back to our car.

 A selfie in the forest - and no bears sighted! phew!

We met up with the rest of the crew to go to Earthquake Park to watch the sun set:
 It was seriously so so pretty. 

 I was freezing - yet my little legs were not. 

 Chase took some pretty great pictures of the sunset, and I'm showing you the best ones!

 Panoramic of the sunset at Earthquake Park.

 I was able to put my feet in the water. It wasn't as cold as I was expecting, but it was pretty cold when it splashed up on my shorts. 

Stay tuned for the rest... 

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