Sunday, July 19, 2015

Things that are Happy 8 Years!

Oh my my! I can't believe that it's been 8 years - I probably say that every year, but I have grown so much through these 8 years being married to Chase.

I think it's fun to reflect back on what we have done over the past 8 years...

Our 1st Anniversary we went to Park City, UT.

Our 2nd Anniversary we went to San Francisco, CA.

Our 3rd Anniversary we had a staycation here in good ol' Utah County.

Our 4th Anniversary we had another staycation in Salt Lake County.

Our 5th Anniversary we had a low key night to ourselves, but then went to Vegas with Friends who happen to share the same week as ours for Anniversaries.

Our 6th Anniversary we flew out of the country to London, England.

Our 7th Anniversary we celebrated at home in July by seeing wicked and going to the temple, but then in September celebrated together with a Disneyland trip.

Our 8th Anniversary we kind of forgot about celebrating with a trip or vacation. One downside of having a summer anniversary is dealing with crowds and people where ever you go. We usually trade off on who decides what for anniversary trips/activities etc. This year it's Chase's year to decide what to do.

I wanted to tell about our experience about the day of our wedding, because I haven't shared that...

It was a Thursday morning, and I woke up super early to have my friend Katie come over and style my hair before Chase and I were supposed to be at the temple (8:30am), and our sealing/marriage would be performed at 10am with family and friends waiting for us.

After I got all dressed and lookin' pretty (not in my wedding dress - a really pretty purple dress that I still have and wear often) I drove from my mom's house to Chase's parents house. We drove over to the temple together. 

Once we got there, we took care of paperwork with the temple and then waited what felt like a long time, to actually be married. During that time I reflected a lot and was SO nervous. I mean this was going to be life changing for both Chase and I, and I wanted to make sure I had made the right decision - I'm not sure why I waited until that moment, and why I didn't reflect on it earlier.

The sealer had to marry us 3 times, because he kept screwing up my name. :S It was a beautiful ceremony and I always try and remember it so it stays active in my mind.

Afterwards we went outside the temple and met up with those who could not join us for the ceremony. We took a lot of fun pictures, and it was such a beautiful sunny day. After we got all our pictures we met up with the same family and friends at Magleby's in Provo for a luncheon.

We ended up having a reception the next night at a friend's backyard, which turned out to be amazingly gorgeous. The cake was amazing!! The only really sad thing about the reception was that our photographer didn't show (I guess she had a family emergency come up and couldn't find the house where we were having the reception). Chase ended up getting his camera and having his uncle take pictures for us, but because his uncle is so tall we both look like midgets.

We did have a lot of fun - and I wish now that I had SHOVED cake into Chase's face instead of kindly letting him eat it. I think he would want to do the same now and shove cake in my face too.

After the reception Chase and I drove to St. George for the night, and then headed to Palm Desert, California to enjoy a nice relaxing honeymoon.


Happy 8th Anniversary! I pray we can have many more happy and enjoyable years together!

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