Monday, July 20, 2015

Things that are Celebrating 8 years of Marriage!

Holy cow! Time has seriously flown by! It sometimes feels like just yesterday Chase and I got married!

Because our anniversary falls on a Sunday, so we celebrated on the 18th instead.

I started the morning with a run and then a temple trip with the Relief Society Presidency. What a wonderful experience, to be united as a presidency. It was definitely fun to go with them, and I am so lucky to live so close to temples.

When I got home from the Temple, Chase showed me that his mom had found our wedding knives:

Chase and I went and enjoyed lunch at Zupas in Orem. It's crazy how much our lifestyle has changed now that we are watching what we eat. I was super hungry... So I got a half salad and a panini. I ended up only being able to eat my half salad and then only ate half the sandwich.

We decided that we wanted to go kayaking out on Utah Lake. It is only $10 to rent a kayak for an hour (each additional hour is only $5) at the Lindon Marina. Chase had never been kayaking before and we ended up having a LOT of fun! While we were driving back home we saw this access point to get to the Beach of Utah Lake, and we saw a few dogs playing. So we HAD to go get our dogs!

 Using the oar as a "selfie stick"

You get a good shot of my leg!

We thought we should try taking the dogs to see if they would love the water more than they did last year when we took them to a dog park that had a little river and pool where the dogs could play. They did not like the water last year and were deathly afraid of it!

Chase made a video of our adventures at Utah Lake with us kayaking and the dogs playing in the water:

We got home and the dogs were exhausted!

Dearest Pepper! She definitely cracks us up

For dinner we went and got Sushi at a yummy place in American Fork. I haven't had it since Chase and I were in Toronto back in 2013.
Crystal Shrimp, Rock n' Roll, and California Crunch

We went and got Dole Pineapple whip like the ones in Disneyland. Oh my gosh! So good!

 I got a strawberries and cream shave ice with dole whip in the middle. So yummy!

 You can tell I was really excited for it. :)

Overall it was a fan-freakin-tastic day. I think we know how to have more fun now, then we did when we were first married. We definitely laugh a lot more, and try and find joy in the simple things in life. 

Here's to another year.

P.S. I will eventually get our Alaska Trip up on the blog.. but it may take some time.

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