Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Things that are Disneyland Vacation 2014 Part 2


Chase and I drove to Oceanside, CA. It was super windy and cold!

We walked out to the Pier to eat at Ruby's Diner. I wasn't too hungry so we got a shake and split it. After sharing a shake, watching the surfers and people fishing on the pier we drove to Newport Beach to go to the temple, and do a session.

Wednesday Morning we woke up bright and early (even staying in a hotel we can still hear the people above us), and walked through Downtown Disney to get to the park. We stood in line for a little while and then got right into California Adventure! I was SO excited to be back at Disneyland!
We first got fast pass tickets to the World of Color - which was pretty freaking awesome!

I rode on what I thought was the scariest ride on the planet! And guess what!? I conquered my fear of falling! Well sort of... I only rode this ride once (I don't think Chase liked it that much either - maybe he's afraid of falling too?)

It was so much fun seeing all the Halloween decorations up!

Hello Mickey!
We HAD to go see Iron Man! It was a must! Wish I could've jumped in one of those suits!

We got to meet Captain America. It was kind of awkward... I think meeting characters is weird and I never know what to say to them or ask them - am I the only one?!
Then we got soaking wet going on Splash Mountain... Uh that ride terrifies me EVERY time! I despise that drop, but love the ride. Makes sense right?!

That night we got in line for World of Color
I loved how they had tons of Disney songs play during the water show.


First thing we did was go on Splash Mountain... We got SOAKED! I'm not even kidding you! I was SO cold!
Later we did my favorite ride - which was Toy Story Midway Mania (which I sucked at shooting, but it was a lot of fun!)
Loved the big Pumpkin Mickey!


One of our favorite rides was the Cars Land ride - Radiator Springs Racers. We went on it a total of 4 times!

I have to tell you this little girl (who was so so cute) dressed up as Elsa, and went to meet Thor! She wanted to show him her magical powers (and she was SO into it too!)! He was impressed!
My meet and greet with Thor went a lot better than with Captain America. He definitely made me feel like a princess! :)

Friday night: Chase and I did the Mickey's Halloween Party!
There were new decorations up and it was fun to see some Villain's - though I would have liked to have known where they were.. Didn't find out until we were leaving.

We got an up close shot with Sleeping Beauty's Castle and NO ONE was behind us! I was so so happy! These were our costumes for the night. Any guesses on what Chase was?!
The Haunted Mansion was another favorite for me! We loved it! I was happy they had it all decked out for Halloween!
We finished our California adventure with The Haunted Mickey Clan! Plus we had LOTS of candy!

Our top favorite rides for Disneyland:
Splash Mountain
Buzzlight Year Astro Blaster
Star Tours (loved how updated they made it!)
Thunder Mountain
Peter Pan
Innoventions (not a ride) - Where Iron man, Thor, and Captain America are
Indiana Jones
Pirates (if it's just the two of us we got front row both times we went on it!)
Haunted Mansion (holiday)

Top rides for California Adventure:
World of color (yeah I know, not a ride)
Radiator Springs Racers
California Screamin'
Turtle talk with Crush (not a ride, but fun- especially if you ask "What does the Fox say")
Grizzly River Run
Toy Story Midway Mania

I can't believe it's only been 4 months since we were there! It was a lot of fun and I still have lots of memories from it!

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