Sunday, December 21, 2014

Things that are the Haunted Half race recap

This year my friend Alli wanted to check off something on her bucket list; running a half marathon. She asked me if I wanted to run the Haunted half with her! So I figured out if there would be enough time for me to gain enough mileage to run and not kill myself like I did the first time I did a half. There was, so I said yes! Then we got a discount code for if 4 or more people were to sign up at once - we got 5 people total. It's always fun to run with people you know! We did race in October - I'm just lazy and am now getting to writing about it!

I had a lot of fun preparing for the race. My highest mileage before the race was 9 miles, and that was the week before. Because I hadn't been really running a whole ton I really didn't see a need to taper. After the 9 miles I did the week before the race, I didn't even run the rest of the week. So it allowed my body to rest anyways.

Things that helped me with this race were running only 3 times a week, running long on the weekend, going up every couple of miles each week (i.e. 6 miles, 7 miles, and then 9miles), doing my squats and exercises that my Chiropractor gave me, and really stretching and focusing on rolling out my IT band.

This was the first race that I had run that had my name on the bib. Which was awesome!
Here's my costume for the race... Any guesses?
The 3 girls; Alli, me and Sister Carolin (there were 2 that were not pictured; Chase and my step dad)
Oh and Chase ended up running - getting ready to start the race
Bridal Veil Falls
Mile 6 at Bridal Veil Falls
Chase running really strong for the first 8 miles! I was so proud of him!
Me and Alli at the finish. She did awesome with not hardly training for the race!
Sister Carolin ended up getting lost (a sign misplaced maybe?) and ended up doing an extra 1/2 mile after I got her on the right path - then she lucked out with getting a "sweeper" guy to walk with her to make sure she was okay. She got a medal to prove that she finished! :)
Chase and I after our race! I think that if I hadn't stayed with him I would have done the half marathon about 15 minutes before my best time, but he asked if I would stay with him and he really wanted me to finish the race with him too. I couldn't say no to that! Holding hands across the finish line was awesome! I think I have convinced him to do another one with me! Not for a few more months. 

Pros: the first 5 miles were all downhill, the course overall was pretty neat, they had salted caramel gu (which was AMAZING!), and we got a cool glow-in-the-dark medal.
Cons: the last mile was uphill (a STEEP uphill), my sister got lost, everyone but me seemed to have an issue with their body failing them somehow, getting on the bus to the starting line took quite a while, the starting line wasn't big enough, and they didn't have enough fire pits before the starting line, there weren't enough port-a-potty's at mile 7 (there was only 1).

I'm still debating on if I would do this particular race again. I definitely had fun coming up with a running costume and making my own running skirt!

Disclaimer: I am writing this for my own benefit and the Haunted Half did not pay me to write this. I just really like doing race recaps. :)

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