Saturday, December 27, 2014

Things that are Disney Vacation 2014 Part 1

The vacation started on a Saturday, we drove to Vegas and stayed with our friends that live in North Las Vegas. Sunday we headed to San Diego. The traffic on the roads during that time was horrible! Maybe they should make it 3 lanes from Vegas to California now?

We made a stop at Baker and took a picture. It really wasn't 100 degrees. I think it was in the mid 80's.

We finally made it to San Diego by night fall. Went out to Mission Park to watch the sunset. It was so pretty.

The next day we had a lot of stuff we wanted to do... We first went to Old Town and went to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site. It was pretty neat, and explained what the saints went through and helped out in building San Diego. We got our picture taken by them and became "Honorary Members of the Mormon Battalion".

I really loved the flowers outside the Mormon battalion site. 

Then we went to Balboa Park. We just walked around and took pictures cause we didn't really want to go to the San Diego Zoo. 

We saw the replica Shakespeare Globe theater. I saw the "real-er" one in London last year. 

Our next stop was the LDS San Diego temple. Unfortunately the temple was closed and we only got to walk around the grounds. They were definitely doing a deep clean to the grounds while we were there.

I love doing hand stands. And I've gotten better and better as the months go on. 

Our next stop was Del Mar beach. It was fun! I did not go in the water because it's too dang cold for my bum! I love east coast water! It's by far a ton warmer and you don't have to wear a wetsuit to be in it.

I went for a little run on the beach. It was a bit awkward for me running without my shoes on. I think it wouldn't have hurt me so bad if I did have shoes on too... It was fun to see that the beach goes on for miles and miles. Something that I can't see when we go to the beach out east.

Our next stop was Sunset Cliff. It was so so so so pretty.

There were people jumping off into the deep water. I thought about it for a split 0.01 second and realized that I did NOT want to jump off!

Our last day in San Diego I wanted to go for a long run (6 miles)! I spent a while the night before trying to plot out a course for me to run. I ended up just running on a main road because I was too scared I was going to get nabbed (I always think this way when I run alone) if I went on any side streets, plus I didn't want to get lost.
It was really foggy that morning. Kinda creepy and eerie.
I had weird perspiration on my face and chest that I couldn't feel while I was running and only noticed it when I looked in the mirror. It was kinda gross! Next we were off to Disneyland!

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