Friday, July 18, 2014

Things that are London Trip... Day 1 & 2

So Chase and I traveled to London for our 6th year anniversary! He was there because of business - had some meetings to attend to for his UK relations at his work. Our flight left Saturday morning at 11am. We got to London at 9am Sunday morning. Talk about a LONG flight. :) The flight from JFK to London Heathrow was exciting for me. I couldn't sleep on the plane AT ALL. I was leaving the country for the first time. What was really cool about this flight was we left JFK at night and there was a certain time during the flight where us flying in darkness turned into us flying into the light. Like the sun was rising. It was SO awesome! Too bad Chase and I were in the middle section of the plane not the window section. Anyways. I was exhausted by the time we got off the plane, and it was only 9am. We still had a whole day ahead of us. You can see in the picture how tired we both were.

On the Hoppa. The Hoppa is the bus that takes you from the airport to the hotels near the airport. First time Chase rode it. He usually went into the city and then would take a train to Leicester.
 photo 54A64DB9-B845-46E9-8261-08BFE5C62276-662-00000037012DA240_zpsa1e00092.jpg

Double decker bus from our hotel to airport terminals to get to the Tube station.
 photo BE073283-37C8-4934-BE39-84463699F1CE-662-00000037179F6D6F_zpsdfd5a952.jpg

We went all the way to Tower of London - which was a long tube ride. The grassy area used to be a moat, but it was thought it would be best used as a recreation area.
 photo C74C1278-D832-407F-9EC0-CAD0FA9A4FF7-662-00000037854F5A2A_zps9a04a726.jpg

The blue thing below the crane is called Swiss Re Tower. It's from a Doctor Who episode. That's why I took a picture of it - as well as the Beef Eaters going through a tour of the Tower of London.
 photo ED81D649-C493-4B3C-807A-C1A74219FA5D-662-00000037A57E8AD1_zps43be7d5a.jpg

Tower Bridge. Not London Bridge. 
 photo 6A019E15-8B60-4663-AF76-48FB4F98102B-662-00000037B8DD54F7_zps32f5755b.jpg

Beef Eater explaining stuff about the Tower of London. I couldn't keep track of what he was talking about and I was so hot and tired. Cause lets be honest, having AC in England is what the rich people have, the more common folk don't. So basically everywhere except our hotel and bus didn't have AC.

The Shard also in another Doctor Who episode.
 photo 4D42138A-E24D-4012-A69D-74E25F0771EF-662-0000003812749FD7_zps82f0d60b.jpg

One of the knights we saw. Lets just say he was protecting his own crown jewels.
 photo 4EBA0003-64C7-4763-B2AD-D3B76BD3748A-662-0000004272D87402_zps354e2c61.jpg

Me with a guard - guarding the Crown Jewels. Not as big as the hope diamond, but these are probably much much older too.
 photo F965B440-2D4B-4E41-BD50-970A4363D18A-662-000000382A4746F3_zps46d10e8b.jpg

Chase had to have a picture too. Cause the guards are cool.

Walking in line to the Crown Jewels. Man it was hot and humid! Plus I couldn't take any pictures once inside.
 photo 1C64B297-C2F5-403E-BE33-55AC09D8A966-662-00000038725BDDA7_zps427c5810.jpg

Monday - Day Two

The Tube station - Can't remember what one though. I just loved the architecture of the station.
 photo A6858173-1111-42A6-BB27-28E9CEBA2670-662-00000038C67CB44C_zpsefc95375.jpg

221B Baker Street
 photo C1101325-08CA-4B48-A152-0D0CC28EC579-662-00000039EAEA1787_zps87942936.jpg

Me at 221B Baker Street - The museum cost money, but the gift shop is endless! That's where I got my sister's Deer Stalker Hat. She won't get it till Christmas - and she now knows and is upset about it...
 photo 1FA39DF9-CC26-4CF2-A489-A2FBEE8C03F2-662-0000003A02821012_zps5ca9a6d7.jpg

Chase with a guy dressed as Sherlock Holmes. I guess there was a place to eat called Holmes just up the street from this place.
 photo FA349F47-3419-4147-943C-5F4422F4CE06-662-0000003A24475F9E_zpsde4ef940.jpg

Baker Street Tube Station had these cool little tiles of Sherlock Holmes.
 photo 3F140E95-283B-4704-88E3-2242D4688F51-662-0000003A36AE2FEF_zpsa7ca31f5.jpg

 Cool sign in the Baker Street Tube Station
 photo E60E6589-AA34-49CA-861E-6EFA8A4C643D-662-0000003A430C7616_zps43591c8c.jpg

We got off at Hyde Park Station and just happened to miss the changing of the guards.
 photo 3162E016-4BE5-440D-BF4C-AF4813767CA2-662-0000003A93E73E37_zpsd62869c0.jpg

They were waiting for the arrival of Kate's baby. And we missed it by a week.
 photo E99B1605-D74F-4375-8ED9-AF3756AD8211-662-0000003AA65F7C9A_zpsa26ae031.jpg

Panoramic of Buckingham Palace
 photo B22324E7-CE35-411A-9EA4-A13B5A2EA49E-662-0000003AC44E731A_zps23e7cba8.jpg

 photo 58A9F616-FBDB-4CA7-BD75-AE657AE88C09-662-0000003AD4FAD3E0_zps3e9ffe7a.jpg
 photo 94CA1690-733B-4B27-A97D-F0019419EAF6-662-0000003AEDF348FD_zps4496aaf7.jpg 

This Telephone booth was for my sister
 photo 31F90A4C-A7D5-4594-9B3B-93E5521E5415-662-0000003AFE7F6BA6_zps82408f0a.jpg
Big Ben was AMAZING!

 photo 3D52331B-CFAF-40F3-954E-0D1C1247C029-662-0000003B0D151996_zps0e2d9c14.jpg

The Eye of London
 photo BE451A43-17C5-4F6E-987F-DA5D2B81E1B0-662-0000003B1C8F3527_zps1283ecbd.jpg 

 photo C733D223-A941-433D-AA0A-4CE7DB9CADC0-662-0000003B4EBEBD27_zps09ae1349.jpg
 photo 63C3ED9F-82B1-4C1D-A3E8-64E5B6D25B89-662-0000003BE5634FD2_zps4960ebb3.jpg 

We saw Westminster Abbey - which was right around the corner from Big Ben and Parliament
 photo 2A1CC1DB-2903-4A1E-887B-2226DD628616-662-0000003C0E100641_zps25515ce4.jpg 

 photo 958BB598-9929-4215-BA9C-B3FB7ED44F5A-662-0000003C296DC236_zps87d02499.jpg 

A new continent deserves to have a hand stand in front of Big Ben!
 photo BD308DD1-3EFB-4F01-974E-6488CC1BE580-662-0000003C6E521D3B_zps65bd81f4.jpg 

A horse guard - Beware horses may kick or bite!
 photo 2860E029-13AF-4A1C-B956-9576F440E7A4-662-0000003C8CA1C3AF_zps70d7e6a9.jpg 

We walked around for a while and took the tube to Trafalgar Square. We found some cool souvenirs for family and friends in a shop and I bought a new bag. But I had to get a picture near Admirlty Arch (which I just happened to look up because I HAD to know the name). Because an episode of Dr. Who takes place going through the arch. I know I'm quite predictable. Though we didn't go into actual Trafalgar Square, I just wanted a picture with the arch, and to say that I've been there. 
 photo B1E0437B-BC84-4478-8457-960368707867-662-0000003CA3BBD01C_zps2ae148d9.jpg
 photo 3CB8EFEC-E229-47DB-99E3-AE340C6E8447-662-0000003CB632DCA8_zpsa27c182f.jpg 

We went back to Kings Cross, cause I had to get a picture at Platform 9-3/4 (Hello, Harry Potter). This wasn't the "actual" Platform. It was just a plaque with a cart going into the wall. There was a Harry Potter souvenir shop just down from the platform.  We also had time to kill before we went to eat and then go see Wicked!
 photo F7A8F86D-22A2-45C2-8C14-7EFE45D5AB2A-662-0000003CC9BC5973_zpsfbe75b3b.jpg 

We went to a fish place, cause I wanted to try their fish and chips. Chase got the haddock and I got the Cod. We weren't very hungry because it's hot, and no where in London do they have AC except in our hotel and some other shops. So this ended up being a lot of food for us, and we couldn't take it with us. But we got Fish, Chips, and Mashed Peas (recommended to us by a guy Chase works with who lives out there).
 photo 4C459EF0-CBE6-4A0E-9AE8-2EFDBB56AD7C-662-0000003CEF09478F_zpsfc0758d9.jpg
 photo D38BFD1F-2651-4BB4-A80B-DB3388800D20-662-0000003CFFEB165E_zpsc951c5c2.jpg 

I compared this tunnel (which I can't remember what station we were at in London) with the metro line tunnel in Wheaton, Maryland. I love how the sign above says "long way down".
 photo 5204AD4E-3BBA-432C-810A-FD9E3E15071D-662-0000003D0DAD390E_zps0ae5d2d0.jpg 

The tube stations constantly said "mind the gap", and so I HAD to get a picture of the word on the tube floor.
 photo A7945084-FFA5-4B24-8ADE-B03CD7D420BA-662-0000003D3B5A12F9_zpsdf2bfbf8.jpg 

Our next stop was WICKED! I have to say that aside from the theater being ridiculously hot (remember - no AC) it was the best broadway show that I have seen! I will be reading the book soon.  
 photo 8E4A2CC5-9C7E-496D-B098-2480C429D4F1-662-0000003D7B35169E_zps04e76963.jpg
 photo 12CC7DE1-DE3F-41CC-9A39-2378EEC7E28F-662-0000003D89CABB26_zpsc14520f0.jpg

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