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Things that are London... Day 3 & 4

This was day 3: We first started our morning with going to Picadilly Circus. I guess it's like Times Square in New York. Or at least that is what I was told. I didn't really have a "plan" for what I wanted to do and see while in London, I just wanted to go to the majority of the popular stuff and try and get as much in before we headed up to Leicester the next day. Because I knew we wouldn't have a lot of time Friday before we left for home. I know 1 week in England! That's all I gave myself - there's definitely lots more to see!

 photo IMG_0317_zpse7545a17.jpg

We first went into M&M World of London, which the only other one I have been to was in Las Vegas the year before (2012).
 photo IMG_1259_zps68934f59.jpg
There were really cool M&M's inside the store that we had to get a picture of.

 photo IMG_0320_zps924895ec.jpg
 photo IMG_0319_zps928d450d.jpg

We walked out of the M&M world and saw a red carpet! Apparently the London Premier for Wolverine was happening that night. As in Hugh Jackman would be there! We didn't really care to stay (I honestly could care less about meeting or even seeing a celebrity - they are just people to me), but missed the Premier by a few hours - oops.
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I can't remember where I took this, but I love the architecture of this building.
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I really love random allies around the city. It was SO cool. I think what I liked most about going to England was all of the history. 
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I remember I read in an article somewhere that they film a lot of Doctor Who episodes in random allies in and around London. I saw this ally and thought maybe they filmed part of a show here..
 photo IMG_1263_zpsa6d9f96d.jpg

We took the tube to the British Museum. I thought it was in a random spot in London, but maybe it's not. It looked like there was more housing around this area then other sites that we went to go see. Oh and there wasn't any cool air in here at all...
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When Chase had gone out to the UK in November of 2012 (I told him to get out and go site seeing) he stopped at the British Museum and saw this money with David Tennant on it, and then wanted to show me when we went there. I guess in the UK you can't use actual British money. So in an episode of Doctor Who (can you tell I'm a huge fan?!) they use the money out of an ATM machine to distract an alien invasion. They show the clip from the show right below the money.
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I'm touching the fake Rosetta Stone, yes I said fake. Why would you be able to touch the real one? Ya know?!
 photo IMG_1269_zpsad91da01.jpg

I wanted to see a few of the sites from Harry Potter. One of them was the Millennium Bridge which you can see from the picture below. You can also see Tate Modern - which is an art museum. We didn't go in or walk across it was around 5pm so rush hour was upon us and we were short on time.  We walked along River Thames, and I saw a weird toilet thing that was in a weird spot that I should have gotten a picture of.
 photo IMG_1276_zpsc0aee189.jpg
We turned around from the Millennial Bridge and saw St. Paul's Cathedral - another thing we didn't go into, but it looked so pretty. 
 photo IMG_1275_zpsf146f80c.jpg
A better picture of Millennium Bridge - and the shard in the back left.
 photo IMG_1277_zps164a8297.jpg
After that we went out to dinner. I saw some cool smoke stacks like in Mary Poppins.
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He really didn't want his picture taken...
 photo IMG_1279_zps53439361.jpg
We ended up at Hard Rock Cafe for our "anniversary dinner". The cool thing about this particular restaurant is that they have a burger called the Local Legendary that is specific to the country or city. For instance we went to Toronto Canada last February and they had cheese curds and poutine. In London they had Yorkshire Pudding with some other stuff on it. Both burgers were yummy!
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 photo IMG_1283_zps29f65dea.jpg
The next day we took a cab to the tube station since we were heading to Leicester. We were so close to the airport and saw a plane coming in.
 photo IMG_1285_zps265845bd.jpg
We were going to Kings Cross St. Pancras to take a train up to Leicester. We were waiting a while to get to a train at St. Pancras when they announced that some one had jumped in front of a train and that the wait could be a while - one of the ladies helping said that it could take up to 8 hours. They said we could take a train from Kings Cross instead and transfer trains to get to Leicester.
 photo IMG_1287_zps25e258a2.jpg
This was the view from the train. It was awesome! Look at that cute fence...
 photo IMG_1289_zps0fdb7947.jpg photo IMG_1292_zps3d7267ab.jpg
This was the inside of the train. We couldn't find seats together on the second train. So we sat in the in-between train cars with our luggage. We stopped at a town called Peterborough and changed trains. Didn't get to see any of that city unfortunately.
 photo IMG_1295_zpsfc84f460.jpg
This was the Leicester train station. We walked to Chase's clients - which was a few blocks from the train station. I gave them a treat from America (since they asked for some the last time Chase flew out there) Peanut Butter M&M's - they love them and don't have them in England. I brought two bags to them, and they had eaten one of the bags that same day. 
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After the visit we asked if they would call a cab to take us to our hotel. Which happened to be on the outskirts of Leicester. BOO! But it was fun to ride in a taxi.
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This was the view from our hotel window. I wanted to go for a walk and see what was around us for food and drink - since hotels have overpriced food and drink. Chase needed to work and catch up so I thought I would ask for directions to the bus to the city. Let me just say that the British aren't the best at giving directions. I asked the front desk if there was a bus to the city and they said there was a stop just down the road. Well their stops are different than the ones here in America, so I couldn't find it. I called Chase upset and felt stupid for even walking outside. When he showed up we ended up finding it. It was about a half mile from the hotel. Talk about just down the road. It was frustrating for me.
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