Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things that are London... Day 5 - Last Day

Chase had meetings to attend to all day and I wanted to see the city of Leicester. Once I found the bus to Leicester from our hotel the night before, it was a breeze getting to the next day. Here's me on the bus to Leicester. The driver was really nice. The houses were cool too. Gotta love the red brick.
 photo IMG_1302_zps0c020268.jpg
 photo IMG_1303_zps4f3b3959.jpg
Once in Leicester I walked to a big huge park that Chase hadn't gone to before. It was a mile or so from the bus station. I walked past a church that was called Parish Church of St Margaret that had a really cool cemetery that was different than whatever I have seen before.
 photo IMG_1306_zps5a67a215.jpg
Parish Church of St Margaret
 photo IMG_1307_zpsd6f635a1.jpg
I walked down a scary little walkway that was right up against the river. I was scared someone was gonna come push me in the gross water, and steal my money. So I hurried away and got back on the main path.
 photo IMG_1309_zpsbbd821fb.jpg
Abbey Park was so pretty! There were fountains, and cool looking animals that I haven't seen.
 photo IMG_1311_zps7562e367.jpg
 photo IMG_1312_zpse947ae15.jpg
There were parts that I really wanted to remember about the park so I used the panorama on my phone to capture the beauty of the place. I wish I could make the pictures bigger so you can get the full effect.
 photo IMG_1314_zps150ea026.jpg
 photo IMG_1315_zpsa76c8c4e.jpg
After I was done with Abbey Park I walked to a shopping center (don't really need to take pictures of it - wasn't that fantastic). Then I walked to Guildhall and Leicester Cathedral. I never went into the Cathedral, but just loved the outside. From what the internet says the cathedral is a medieval building. It was awesome! This is just the path around to the front of the cathedral.
 photo IMG_1316_zps3de4e23d.jpg
This is the front of the cathedral. So Awesome!
 photo IMG_1317_zps09c707ad.jpg
 photo IMG_1318_zpsd1d6d69d.jpg
I walked by and saw a Royal Blue door. Whenever I see stuff like this I always think of Doctor Who, and the Tardis. The blue was everywhere in London and Leicester. Maybe that's why it's a blue police call box?
 photo IMG_1319_zpsae02fae7.jpg
Then I walked around trying to find Leicester Castle. My first castle ever (unless you consider Tower of London a castle?).
 photo IMG_1323_zpsb6b8fa2a.jpg
 photo IMG_1324_zps71e30c8f.jpg
 photo IMG_1325_zpsf81406a5.jpg
 photo IMG_1326_zps0e6ddb24.jpg
 photo IMG_1327_zpse4056be7.jpg
 photo IMG_1329_zps216f87d0.jpg
My feet were swollen almost the entire trip! I'm not sure what was going on with that, but I had to show my feet with the cobblestone, because it was so pretty.
 photo IMG_1332_zps87772a40.jpg
This castle is old old old and I'm not sure if you could classify this as an actual castle cause a lot of it seems to be broken down.
 photo IMG_1334_zps96374bae.jpg
I had to have proof that I was actually there right?!
 photo IMG_1335_zpsa7ac8ae6.jpg
I love this picture aside from the bag of trash sitting right there.
 photo IMG_1336_zps9a0a63c5.jpg
I thought this was pretty cool. Modern architecture vs. medieval. 
 photo IMG_1337_zps1d635d49.jpg
This was my last picture in Leicester. There was construction going on everywhere, so it was hard for me to take pictures. There's a little sign on the building that says guildhall lane - and you can see Leicester cathedral in the back left. After touring and having blisters on my feet for not wearing the right kind of shoes... I took the bus back to the station by our hotel. I was Chase's +1 for a big fancy dinner that night, so I had to be back in time.
 photo IMG_1340_zpsb895c1cd.jpg
 photo IMG_1350_zps2c9c5505.jpg
I wanted a picture of us that night after dinner.
 photo IMG_1433_zps7281ea8d.jpg
The next day was our actual anniversary. I had wanted to run in England, just to say that I have run on a different continent. I got up early (around 6 - and the sun was already high in the sky). Since I hadn't run that whole week I did a quick mile-ish run. I would have liked to run further, but my calves were hurting and I was a little nervous running in a new place and not knowing where I was going. Plus Chase kept telling me that people in England don't run. Yet I saw SO many runners while I was there...
 photo tedirunlondon_zps93618d61.jpg
This was the train station in Leicester on the morning of our 6th Anniversary!
 photo IMG_1344_zps7a623f82.jpg
It was a train that went straight to London from Leicester. Which was awesome, we got there within an hour or so and had lots of time in the city.
 photo IMG_1345_zps68fe900c.jpg
Chase was meeting with a client in Leicester Square and wanted me to get ferry tickets to Greenwich (pronounced Gren-ich). So I went and walked around until I found the ticket office for it.

I took a picture of a red double decker bus for a co-worker.
 photo IMG_1351_zps008fa2ca.jpg
I loved being able to see the London Eye again! It was so pretty!
 photo IMG_1352_zpsb3e83eb3.jpg
I loved taking pictures of Big Ben to remember my trip and it was fun playing with the camera on my phone.
 photo IMG_1355_zpse5d247ad.jpg
 photo IMG_1356_zps7bf3c068.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zps2fc36f0b.jpg
Chase finally met up with me to ride the ferry to Greenwich.
 photo IMG_1371_zps1cb4a983.jpg
 photo IMG_1374_zpsc224c6ea.jpg
Our ferry tour guide told us that you can actually get married on the top of the London Eye. He said it goes up until you get married and then it's downhill after that! HA!
 photo IMG_1435_zpsd00f43c8.jpg
Big Ben and Parliament.
 photo IMG_1376_zps160ab7d8.jpg
 photo IMG_1377_zps29db810b.jpg
The Shard from a Doctor Who Episode.
 photo IMG_1390_zps0f3a9c4c.jpg
This is the actual London Bridge.
 photo IMG_1392_zpsdff2e8fd.jpg
This is Tower Bridge not to be confused with London Bridge in the previous picture. Our tour guide said that when they first built Tower bridge (It's a raised bridge) the first ship that was supposed to go through Tower Bridge, didn't actually make it because the bridge failed to raise and the boat crashed into it.
 photo IMG_1398_zps8b8c1a11.jpg
Our tour guide was hilarious! He showed us a lot of stuff that I can't remember and wish I could have just recorded it all. Because it was awesome! We got a picture of us at Tower Bridge on River Thames.
 photo IMG_1400_zps8627a611.jpg
When we finally made it to Greenwich we hiked (not even kidding you) up this huge hill to the Royal Observatory - Greenwich where the Meridian Line was. Though it wasn't the actual meridian line, because stuff has changed since then. But we got a picture next to the not actual meridian line.   
 photo IMG_1436_zpsd67dea7c.jpg
This was a picture from where the actual meridian line was viewing Greenwich. Chase is a big geocacher. So there was a "cache" that you had to find the actual meridian line. Where W on the compass was 000.00.000 It was pretty neat. If you remember from Thor: The Dark World (Thor's 2nd movie) the ending of the movie was in Greenwich. It was cool that we were there and had seen a lot of what was in the movie.
 photo IMG_1408_zpsee03a3ab.jpg
This was a 24 hour clock at the observatory it also had measurements below, The British yard, two feet, and some other stuff.
 photo IMG_1409_zps6c110f61.jpg
The city of Greenwich was gorgeous just like London. We ended our anniversary by finding a grocery store and buying chocolates and candies for our friends and family, and getting dinner.

Side note: It was interesting for me eating British food (because they are grass fed cows - they don't use hormones, etc) compared to food here in America. Because while I was there I felt great! I didn't have a single stomach problem, then we landed in New York, I had a burger and fries and my stomach immediately started hurting. Makes me wonder if our food is really that crappy?!
 photo IMG_1410_zpsb004d9e2.jpg
The next day we took the bus to the airport. I wanted to take a picture and show how green everything is. It was always SO pretty.
 photo IMG_1416_zpsbb7a9ce2.jpg
There are certain newspapers in London that are free. We happened to pick one up and go through it. We found out that because it was Doctor Who's 50th year they were doing stuff at the airport. So we looked into it and found out that each terminal would have something different (they had shown a picture in the newspaper with a Cyberman walking around one of the terminals - how freaky). We were hoping we would run into a Cyberman or a Dalak. We found one thing that had the Doctor and Clara (his recent companion), then the lady who took our picture told us there was more stuff down the terminal. Sure enough we walked around the corner and saw this Dalak!
 photo IMG_1417_zpsd11d275d.jpg
 photo IMG_1418_zps78aba1d7.jpg
 photo IMG_1419_zps10808755.jpg
We saw the Tardis! We had to get a picture with the Tardis!
 photo IMG_1420_zpsefd8e18f.jpg
 photo IMG_1422_zps5ac64bcb.jpg
 photo IMG_1423_zps300988ed.jpg
Then we saw some police officers and they didn't really know what it was, but it was fun to say the policemen have the phone box. I mean technically it really is their box... But not really. Sadly the Tardis wasn't bigger on the inside.
 photo IMG_1434_zps737b2341.jpg
 photo IMG_1424_zps334b12b1.jpg
We both had a lot of fun, and I'm so glad I was able to join Chase in London! I had so much fun and would LOVE to go visit again! I love traveling and love seeing new things and places. A week flew by and can't believe we got to do that for our 6th Anniversary! Hoping that our 10th will be more awesome then this!
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