Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things that are my favorite...

I remember very clearly the semester after Chase and I had been married. I was swamped with school and felt like everything was going wrong. I happened to be taking institute that semester and I took it from the most amazing teacher, Sister Hepworth. I was in a class that focused on the current prophet, and at the time it was Gordon B. Hinckley. Sister Hepworth passed this quote out to all her students that were there that day. I loved it. Mainly because it has helped me through hard times, and I try and read it on those days that I need help the most. I keep it on my fridge. Since then, the paper is a mess. I wanted to redo it and make it match my current colors in the kitchen. This is what I did, super simple.


I have wanted to read his biography since before I met Chase, and finally finished it a year or so ago. It is amazing book, and he was an amazing prophet.

You can learn more about my church and what I believe here.

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