Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Things I wasn't expecting at age 28...

Yup. You read that correctly... Things I wasn't expecting...

I don't think anyone ever expects to go through infertility. Let's be honest with that. I wouldn't put it past you to not know that we have been struggling to have children. We look like normal fertile couple, right? Well wrong, we aren't. Just so you are aware infertility is a disease. You probably wouldn't think that is true either, but it is. So now you know.. We have a disease (do I look scary?). 

Resolve.org says that 10% of the population has/is struggling with infertility. Go there to learn more about infertility and to help understand those who are struggling with it.  

I wanted to share a little bit what's been going on with us, since it's been quite a while since I last posted about this topic. 

We have now been struggling for 4 years. The "average fertile couple" takes about 6 months to conceive. Which is considered normal. Each month the average fertile couple gets about a 16% chance to conceive a baby. We get 1-2%. Please don't tell me that's not a huge difference, cause that's a huge difference. We would know. The fertility doctor said if we did an intrauterine insemination (IUI) with meds & injections for me ($1700 a pop), and would bring us up to 8% of getting pregnant. If we did in vitro fertilization ($7,000-24,000 a pop) depending on which route we took it could be from 25-40% of getting pregnant. Better, but do we really have to pay THAT MUCH to have a kid, then pay more when/if we do get pregnant?!

Chase has done 3 sperm analysis (one analysis tested to see if his guys could even penetrate the egg). And I have had a lot of tests done... Ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram (HSG), blood tests, more blood tests - different ones (progesterone test, and the test they talked about on 'new girl' to see how many eggs I have left and if they are even viable). 

Come to find out the problem resides with Chase. He's not happy about it, he's sad, and I'm sad that he's sad. Our dogs are even sad (they can sense that kind of stuff). Low sperm count, low motility, and high viscosity. So that makes it hard to have a baby, obviously. 

I guess what I'm really trying to get at is don't ask us when we are gonna have kids. Let me be perfectly clear. You ask me when we are gonna have kids = you getting a black eye. I'm not even messing around here.

 I am trying so hard to make light of this situation. BUT...Deep down inside we both feel alone, feel very depressed (it comes and goes with my cycle - oh yay an ongoing cycle of emotions), why does this happen to us and oh yeah?! How the heck are we supposed to 'afford' this?! And why can't the blasted insurance help US pay for infertility treatments?! They help pay to deliver and care for a baby!!

The big factor and how I feel lately (for me) is not having faith to believe it could actually happen. I lost all of that 2-3 years ago, it hasn't come back and I've been angry & sad ever since. I know that isn't something you want to hear coming from a Mormon girl. But let's be honest here. I'm human, God knows that, yet God still loves me, and knows without a doubt that Chase and I will overcome this. It just is really hard for us when we are 'in this' and can't see 2 feet in front of us. I decided that I am going to take one day at a time and focus on loving and being there for Chase. Cause he needs me just as much as I need him. 

Plus you need a picture of how cute we are. :) photo ChasenTedi-16_zps8e73807b.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

Things running can do in a year...

Last year my friend Alli decided she was going to go a whole year and run a race every month. I decided I wanted to do the same. :) I started my race journey in April of 2012 with this race.

 photo DSC_4263_zps63844e80.jpg
Alli and I at the Elevate 5k in April

I didn't run in May. Alli and Logan (BIL) ran the memorial day 5k and Chase and I went on a Charity Motorcycle Bike Ride.
 photo DSC_4268_zps992522c7.jpg
In beginning of June we ran the dirty dash with all of our friends - took us 3 long hours to run a 10k. haha not my best time! But it wasn't about time - It was about getting dirty. :)
 photo DSC_4624_zps0b9a8315.jpg
Alli, Logan and I ran the Help us adopt 5k in the end of June.
 photo 5c448f28.jpg
In July Alli and I ran our first 10k with the Freedom Run. It was a huge hill, but worth it, and so proud that I rocked it! With the same pace I run my 5ks.
 photo IMG_0350_zpsd3d034e0.jpg
August was the Tiger 5k for the Orem Tigers Ballroom team. Easy and that's when I got my PR! of 30:06 :)
 photo IMG_0375_zpsf05a6e47.jpg
Ran the next Help Us Adopt series in September.   
 photo IMG_0473_zpsa29d1b0b.jpg
Then we ran a race for Kalina, who is one of Alli's friends at the end of September. I was so grateful for the opportunity to help her.
 photo IMG_0686_zps8b20e499.jpg
Ran the Love your Body 5k with Michele (downstairs neighbor) and Alli in October.
 photo IMG_0040_zpsab0d3c11.jpg
Turkey Trot with the fam! It was so cold!   
 photo IMG_0238_zpsb596a5d5.jpg
Flash Dash Series - Santa run in December. I was a pooper that day and didn't want a picture with Alli, and now I regret that. :( 

That was all for 2012! I ran a lot last year. I loved doing races and getting out and getting exercise and losing weight, though my goal wasn't to lose weight it was to just be healthy. 

2013 brings new challenges to me and running. I ran my first half marathon, and now am suffering shin splints and IT band syndrome. :(
 photo C8B7110F-8902-43EE-9601-B03CC8AF6321-1484-000000C04C14AC03_zps256d499c.jpg
Ran my first half marathon (13.1 miles - let me say it again 13.1 miles) in January. My friend Celise (though I think I'm closer in age to their oldest than I am to her) and my new friend Missy and Diana (who isn't pictured).
 photo D3AD6D61-EC3D-48BF-9344-3CBE34D77203-1484-000000C08692EA0C_zps7f915e28.jpg
Ran the She Runs (Run Like a Girl) 5k with Diana and Marquessa (who I had just met) in February- Hopefully I get to run a ragnar with them later this year.   
 photo F478EFAD-23AF-4701-9FE0-CA8212C8CFEE-1484-000000C0C90F76BC_zpsa2eb6d06.jpg
Ran the Hero Run with Chase as Iron Man in March. He vowed to never walk/run in the suit ever again.
 photo 345543E2-2C05-457A-B1F9-094029924BA3-1484-000000BFB5CF162F_zpsb248b69a.jpg
  Then ran the Elevate 5k with Chase this April - ran it with him (hard for me to do) and ran my slowest of 39 minutes. But we did it TOGETHER and that's all that matters. :)

My next journey will be to run a trail ragnar at the end of June, and another half marathon in September. I'm relearning how to run via ChiRunning because I am sick of the shin splints. Hopefully I can get Chase on the running bandwagon with me so we can do a few more races together.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things that are my favorite...

I remember very clearly the semester after Chase and I had been married. I was swamped with school and felt like everything was going wrong. I happened to be taking institute that semester and I took it from the most amazing teacher, Sister Hepworth. I was in a class that focused on the current prophet, and at the time it was Gordon B. Hinckley. Sister Hepworth passed this quote out to all her students that were there that day. I loved it. Mainly because it has helped me through hard times, and I try and read it on those days that I need help the most. I keep it on my fridge. Since then, the paper is a mess. I wanted to redo it and make it match my current colors in the kitchen. This is what I did, super simple.


I have wanted to read his biography since before I met Chase, and finally finished it a year or so ago. It is amazing book, and he was an amazing prophet.

You can learn more about my church and what I believe here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Things that have been this weekend...

I just downloaded the blogger app for the iPhone 5. I am testing it to see if it works good. You will have to let me know what you think of it. :)

This weekend Chase, me, and my family went to Richfield to camp. I guess KOA was doing a 2-for-1 special and all proceeds for this weekend went to a charity. :) 

Here is what we did. 
This is where we stayed. It was really nice. 
We played a game of this. And guess who won? Chase! He loves this game!! So does my baby brother. :)

We saw a ton of Shelby's at the gas station before we headed to Fremont Indian state park. 
We hiked a trail. 
This was for a virtual geocache. Yup I geocache just like the hubs!! :)
Found a huge cache from Fremont Indian state park. There was some cool stuff in it. 
Us after finding the cache. 
Then this guy found his 100th cache! He was pretty happy!! 

That's all I got from this weekend. How was your weekend?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things that have been a while...

So it's been a while, right?

Well life got super busy and my number 1 goal for the year was to simplify my life. This happened to be the first thing that went. If it didn't take so long uploading pictures and actually writing I think I would spend more time here. I will eventually do some more posts but it will be sporadic.

For a brief update:

I still am running races. I ran my first half in January with no training - bad idea. I'm still suffering from it.
Chase and I are still trying to get pregnant. Still no luck.
Hurley is still full of energy.
Chase is working hard.

I recently took a job that is closer to home. No more driving to Salt Lake, and Chase and I can carpool. YAY!

Here's our Christmas Card Picture:

 photo CampT-26_zps67bc77ac.jpg