Saturday, July 07, 2012

Things that burn EM edition

So a few weeks ago (yup I'm that lame for not getting this out sooner) Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs had a fire. It was called the "Dump Fire." It started when some people went out shooting explosive targets. They were in fact the ones to call it in to the fire department. Parts of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs were evacuated. The mayor said for the Ranches (where we're at) to be ready to evacuate if necessary.
I raced home at like 12 thinking that we were going to need to leave for the night. We had everything ready in case we needed to. We ended up not needing to.

Later that night Chase wanted some cool pictures, so we busted out the bike and drove out towards City Center. Here's some pretty cool shots of the fire.

We stopped at a pull off on the way towards city center

This showed more that it was headed down towards city center

Closer shot

See how close it is towards peoples homes?

The view looking out towards Cedar Fort

I thought this was a cool shot, not sure how Chase managed to take this one

Then we started driving towards city center and I got even closer shots

Thankfully the winds were in City Center's favor. The winds were blowing east pushing the fire back up the mountain.
This is taken right outside our door towards the mountain. I really love the colors. :)


jess said...

Wow, those pictures are incredible! I can't believe it was so close! I'm glad all the condos are okay.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Great photos! Scary and beautiful at the same time.

Mei Y Paul said...

Oh my gosh that must've been so scary being so close to the fire! I'm glad things worked out for you guys! The pictures are way cool!