Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things that have gone missing…

That would be me! :) I’ve definitely gone missing for 2 months! Hopefully I’m back. I don’t know though. I have said that a lot and then give people false expectations and then fall back into my missing phase. A lot has been going on. Here are some updates with us:

-I got a new job position, full time doing what I do best, finding mistakes. :) This takes up most of my time for sure.

- Chase and I went on a Charity ride here in EM. Turned out it was going to be freezing and raining the whole time. This time unlike the last time we were prepared. :)

- Ran the Elevate 5K with my friend Alli. Beat my time by a minute and started training that same week I ran the race. :) So happy with myself! Iron Man also made an appearance.

- Iron man aka. Chase walked the Art City Day’s Parade with Air Time Gymnastics. Got a lot of little kids wanting pictures with Iron Man.

-Signed up for my first 10k! EEK! Less than a month a way!

-Went to my first ever Demolition Derby! Super fun! Definitely want to go again!

- Went trail running for the first time and had a ton of fun! I think Hurley did too! :)

- Have played a LOT of Just Dance for the Wii!


Wow! I guess we have been up to lots of stuff. I guess that just means I have a lot to post about huh? :) 

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