Sunday, April 08, 2012

Things that you may think you are too old for

Easter Egg Teeasure Hunt. Let's see, "may the odds be ever in your favor." :) "find the golden egg" and the "amazing Easter race." If there is any cheating in the game then the grand prize goes to the game maker. :) Yup totally for adult children. That's what we get when we don't have kids in our family. Here's some pictures from today. Logan even said he was going to beat both Chase and I.
These were the clues, all in purple eggs for me. blue eggs for Chase, and green eggs for Logan.
At the beginning right before the game makers gave the "ready, set, go" Logan said "I'm gonna totally beat you guys" well guess who has the golden egg in front of them? :) Chase was even telling him where some of the eggs were too. Man I'm good! :)
We got these bags and they had some Easter treats for us too.

The reason we did our Easter events with family Saturday was because Chase was leaving for Maryland today. :( Yup he totally went to my favorite place in the whole world.

So this is the goggie from today. taking advantage of a husband not being here. Plus he needs some cuddle time too. :)
He misses Chase already. I mean I do too, don't get me wrong. Hurley was waiting for Chase to come in with me today when I got home from church. Yup He's been staring out the window waiting for him, shaking.

Can't wait for Wednesday night to get here! ahhh