Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things to do Over the Mountain + Troubles

This story is very long and if just want to look at the pictures of the awesome bike then scroll past this.

So earlier last year Chase sold his wonderful/amazing Honda Shadow to upgrade to a new bike, a Yamaha V Star. It had everything he wanted in a bike. The day we bought it he tried driving it on the freeway and it wouldn't go over 45 miles, and even started slowing down on him. He took it to a guy that lives near us who has a love for motorcycles like Chase does. Well he said that the bike was only running on 1 cylinder, instead of the normal 2 (you can tell this by if it's coming out of one or two pipes). Chase was super disappointed because he thought he had gotten a steal! Chase is the type of guy who researches something like crazy to make sure he gets what he wants. So I am in no way blaming him for this.

It was really bothering him and he wanted to get it checked out. Before we would take it to Monarch Honda in Orem, but they only work on Hondas. So he called Roberts Repair that is near his work, they deal with all sorts of small motor vehicles. All he wanted was for them to look at it and see how much it was going to cost to fix. Enough said. He told them to call him BEFORE they did anything with it. Chase said it was his only mode of transportation and he just wanted it looked at.

They hadn't called him at all during the day. So he called them they said it was the carbs and that it was fixed. SAY WHAT? Chase never ever said to get it fixed. So he paid $300 to get an overhaul done. An overhaul is basically where they take the carbs apart and clean them, then put them back together. He wanted to show his bike to Raydad, so he drove over to his work. He turned the bike off, and the bike wouldn't start. So he called roadside assistance. They came out and gave him a boost. He drove it home and everything seemed to be doing fine. He called them and left a message telling Roberts Repair what had happened, saying that he thinks they didn't do what they said they did, and that the bike was messed up. So Roberts Repair called the next day and left a message saying that they did not do an overhaul, and that if he brings it back in they will do labor for free and all he has to do is pay for the part. We did not want to pay more money towards this.

A few days later, the electrical system started acting funny, and he had to fill up on gas again, meaning he wasn't getting good gas mileage. The gas mileage depends on the carbs, if the bike is running too rich or too lean (a carb thing) then it means the bike is either getting too much gas, and back fires or not enough gas. There was still a problem because it wasn't back fireing before we took it in.

Chase took it to a different mechanic to get a second opinion. The first thing that came out of his mouth was "that other shop didn't do an overhaul." You have got to be kidding, right? Nope they had lied and said they did an overhaul, when in fact they didn't. Charged us $300 and didn't do what they promised they would do.

Eventually, Chase filed a report with the BBB since Roberts Repair is accredited with them, have an A- rating. It took the BBB 3 tries the first time to get a response from Roberts. Finally Roberts wrote back and made this huge lie saying things that NEVER happened. Said that Chase hung up on them every time they called. BLAH BLAH BLAH. All Chase wanted in return was part of his money back $100, is that too much to ask for?

So Chase wrote a message back to the BBB, he said that he had a voice message from Roberts saying that they didn't do the work. He also showed a phone record showing that they did not call during the times which Roberts said. He also provided pictures for the BBB on his carbs that the other mechanic had taken. He was being up front and told the truth to the BBB.

Well a few weeks after he sent the message to the BBB the BBB dropped the complaint. Apparently Roberts had been trying to call Chase and he was avoiding their call. Uh, didn't we just provide phone records to the BBB? Didn't we PROVE to the BBB that Roberts Repair was lying? All I have to say is that I don't think I will EVER trust the BBB or Roberts Repair again! Because I hate it when people try and weasel money out of me for stupid things, I will tell everyone that the BBB sucks, and shouldn't be trusted!

Yeah, that was one complaint, but the BBB CHOSE not to listen to a customer! When I worked in fast food forever ago, they would always say "The customer is ALWAYS right". Don't you want to have a good rep with people, at least try and solve a problem, and know when someone is definitely lying!? Apparently the BBB doesn't!

Since this all happened last summer. We have had many problems with it. We have tried driving it to a friends house for storage for the winter, but we could not get it out of our complex. It died every time we tried to give it gas.

Good news though, Chase finally found a mechanic who can be trusted and who actually fixed the bike. This new mechanic said that they didn't do an overhaul - and he did. Before this mechanic actually started fixing everything he asked Chase to come in and see how gunked up all the parts were.

Basically what had happened was the previous owner hadn't let all the gas out of the lines for storage (that is what you are supposed to do). He stored it for like a year, so all that gas in the lines had time to build up and created a jelly. So then once Chase finally tried to get it down to a shop it would stall every time. Pretty gross, right? And sad. Yup very sad. We are SO happy it's fixed, and he's ridden it almost every day this week since the weather has been so so so nice. :) Can't wait for summer!

I'm not sure when exactly going over the mountain happened in relation to all our bike problems. I'm surprised that we actually made it over the mountain without being stranded.  Chase and I hadn't ever been "over the mountain" so we decided shortly after our purchase to take it out. 

Isn't this such an awesome shot! Look at the haze!

He really loves this bike!

Trying to get a good shot of us and the Salt Lake Valley
With the flash and my sexy leather jacket

His Babies! :)  

We also decided to do some geocaching so this is him looking around for it without him knowing I took this picture. :) 

Isn't he a stud!  

This one of Utah Valley and me.

Still searching  

Came back up with nothing but still had a grin!  

Loved the weather 

Chase and I had a lot of fun and will probably do this ride again sometime this summer. Maybe we'll even take the bike to Moab with friends! :)

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