Friday, December 02, 2011

The Heart Burn

Cleaver name. You'll see why.

I made this cute frame for Valentines Day. Yes I know it's not Valentines Day, but I never get around to crafting when the right month is around. :) Just how I am... Plus I forget and then say to myself I need to get to crafting...

I decided to craft this:



I have looked to see where I have copied it from and I can't find it anywhere. I thought it was super cute.

I started gluing all the pieces on then I was on my last one (the bottom right) and I was trying to turn it so I could stick it to the paper... it totally fell out of my hand and I burnt myself really really bad! Like 2nd degree burns. It was all on my little pinky finger. It has been hurting really bad tonight and I went to go get some burn cream, and that didn't even help! So I now have a fear of my glue gun and we decided that we shouldn't be friends. So that is why I have all this "Heart Burn."


Look at that big bump! Kinda blurry sorry... Can you tell I had been crying? Puffy eyes.

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