Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The First Presidency Christmas Devotional

Last year I really wanted to go do more things on Temple Square or church related things for Christmas. Well around October you can sign up to get tickets to Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert and also the Christmas Devotional along with other concerts and such. I wanted tickets so I signed up for them the day they opened. They put you in a drawing (because so many people want tickets) and if you are one of the people drawn then you get sent tickets!

I didn't really understand where we would be sitting. It said Plaza 1. Well we got SUPER close! Like amazingly close! These all are taken with my phone so sorry if the quality is poor.


We were able to see a ton of the apostles come out and take their seats with their families.

Chase and I

After we went and walked around Temple Square. I think everybody had the same idea.

There were some really cool trees! This picture looked cooler on my phone.

Did you know... At Temple Square they start setting up lights in August, and then start taking them down in March. Pretty sweet right?

This one is my favorite!

I'll probably post more pictures when I get them from the other couples we went with. :)

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