Friday, November 04, 2011

The Iron Man and Pepper Potts Photo Shoot

Yup.... That's who I got to be... Pepper Potts. 'cept I didn't have any red hair. But I tried to be as much like her as I could be. Our good friend Steph (Alexa) was kind enough to do a photo shoot of my "man" and me. Plus some other couples too, but I'd like to think that it was all for us. :)

The 4 questions people have been asking about his costume are:
1. Can you see out of it? Yes, he can see out of it, there are little slits.
2. What is it made of? High Density Foam (EVC Foam, PVC Foam, are some other names)
3. How long did it take? He says 6 months with the foam. I say since last November starting with paper, since he's pretty much been absent since then. ;P
4. Did you make it yourself? Yes he did. He is VERY proud of what he did and is going to be doing War Machine (Iron Man's buddy) next year. He won't start that till January... Hopefully it won't take him as long.

I'll add more photos when I get them, so please check back!

Oh and don't forget to vote for Chase's costume for a costume contest he entered: Hand made Iron Man costume




With the lights. Yes they all lit up, except the inside of the hands.

Chase giving me a weird look

...and then we got to hang out with the Minions. :) Silly minions! :)


You better comment on this one Mom Palmer! :) :) Since you're the one who wanted me to post this... :) :)


Sera Lucia said...

Totally awesome! Plus, I love that he got you to dress up for Halloween! :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

There's got to be some kind of contest he can enter for best costume - he'd win a million times over! My dad who's standing over my shoulder is super duper impressed - and that's sayin' something! GREAT JOB!!

Monica and Whitney said...

so jealous of those minions' costumes!! so creative.

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Bethanie said...

This costume is AWESOME! I posted mine on the dating divas too! Hey I am also doing a halloween contest! You should add the iron man costume.