Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Election

This November, 3 city council seats were up for election as well as a bond to fund more schools in Alpine School District. Yup you guessed it! I totally voted! It seriously is so important for us younger folk to get out and vote. It is usually all those older people that go and vote. Nope not me. Ever since I was able to register to vote I have voted (except 1 election). I have realized how important it is to state how I feel. Voting for the right people in office (whether it is a democrat or republican- though some will argue with me on this) is what our country needs. Too bad nobody listened to me for the presidential election ;).

Here's proof today that I voted (yeah I guess the hubs did too, but he didn't want a sticker). So here's to me!

Hope you all voted! If you didn't make sure to get out and register for next year. Ya know it's gonna be a big one! :)



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