Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Canning Experience

I went to my mom's house a while ago and we finished picking all the vegetables in her garden. Which meant a TON of green tomatoes! I found what looked to be a yummy salsa verde recipe off of pinterest. The recipe called for tomatillos but I used green tomatoes instead, and decided not to roast the green tomatoes, but it ended up turning a darker color because I cooked the salsa before I put them in the jars.

Husband came home and was tired, but sure was excited that I made salsa! :)

My pot would only allow me to do 3 at a time. See that lovely rim of white in the pot? Ya that's calcium and magnesium build up from our hard water.Gotta love it! :S

Once the canning process was done (and after calling my mom for help 3x) we removed the jars and let them cool off. They were pretty much already sealed when we took them out. Definitely a good thing!But the bad thing was they had that lovely build up all over the lids...

I highly recommend getting jars and getting proper canning tools. It helps a lot! And maybe a bigger pot than mine! :)


Elisa said...

Looks yummy! If you ever want to borrow my water bath canner it holds seven jars. I'd be more than happy to lend it to you if you would ever like to borrow it. Also, if you put vinegar in the water, it helps with the buildup on the jars and the inside of your canner. How fun! That looks like some good salsa :)

Tamera said...

I'm jealous. We did red salsa and spaghetti sauce. Now I want that! Mmmmmm.

Mei Y Paul said...

Ok I need to be taught how to can anything at all in the first place! So if you ever feel like taking on a very very hard job teach me!!! :) Your Salsa looks amazing!!!!