Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ward Halloween Party

So Chase and I went to the ward Halloween Party last night. It was fun. They did a lot of the same things last year. If you didn't know Chase and I were heads of the Activity committee for our church (until they changed it in the manual that they send out to all bishops and stake presidents) for Halloween and Christmas. For those of you that don't know what that means... We were in charge of planning an activity for 300-400 people. Yes our ward is THAT big.

So Chase and I did a room in our church for the kids. We did pumpkin bowling. It was fun. This is Chase and I after the kids were done with bowling.



Pretty sweet right? Sorry no costume for me!

Then this morning Chase made these for me (all because I told him he should make them)! Oh they were so good! Easiest way of making "cinnamon rolls". They were cinnamon roll pancakes. So yummy!

I found the recipe on pinterest.This is where the pin took me. If you want to partake of this amazing-ness!

Don't they look so good? I mean all that's left?

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  1. Chase's Iron Man costume rocks!! I want to see more pics of it :)