Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cougar Run

Logan convinced me to do another race about a month or two ago. Well it happened the second Saturday of October. It was for BYU homecoming. We got to run the parade route.

All the BYU fans with their families were sitting along the parade route. As we were all running the kids would stick their hands out for us to slap them as we would run by. It was so cute! There were a lot of people that kept saying "keep going". It was very motivating.


Right before the race started, it was super cold that morning!

Raydad was cold.

Hurley was shivering the whole time!

Logan was way ahead of me.

After Logan finished he started walking back the race route so he could finish with me. The whole way running (by this time I had picked up my pace) he kept talking to me telling me that I was going to pass all these people, and to keep going. Which helped, but then I started pushing myself a little too much and started getting sick to my stomach, almost as if I were going to throw up. Logan wanted me to pass this older couple, but they started speeding up too. I beat my time in August by 2 minutes! I was so grateful that Logan came to run with me, it was nice having that motivation.

Hopefully by next year I'll be about 30 minutes for a 5k. That would be super nice! :) I gotta keep at it. I might need to start working on my stride more and it would be helpful to invest in a new pair of running shoes.
That same weekend I had been battling a really bad aching jaw. If you were to zoom in on this picture you would see that I wasn't even able to bite down all the way. I couldn't chew for almost a whole week. I had been cooking soft foods so that way I wouldn't be in so much pain. Thankfully my wonderful chiropractor that I have been going to since I was 16 was able to get it all worked out. I only ended up going twice and after leaving the office the second time I could actually bite down without it hurting. I am seriously amazed at what he can do. I don't even think the actual doctor could have done that. The doctor probably would have referred me to my chiropractor. But the downside is I still have to wear my blasted mouth guard. All because I like to grind my teeth when I sleep. :(

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Super Goggie

Here's a picture of Hurley's costume. We saw it at Petsmart (it was also 75% off with your petperks card). Next year we have some better ideas for him. We'll be making it next year. No he's not going to be optimus... :)


Super Goggie to the rescue! :)

P.S. Post sometime next week with mine and Chase's costumes from a party tonight!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Electrons Sharing an Orbital

I was going through our hard drives that we have, and noticed we had a bunch of school stuff still hanging around. I saved this picture when I took Chemistry (the first time) and emailed it to my teacher when I saw it. I thought he would love it, which he did.

I cannot remember when or where I got this picture from. I thought it was perfect for learning about chemistry and how two electrons can share an orbital. :)


Hope this helps those in Chemistry. :) and to also secretly get a laugh! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ward Halloween Party

So Chase and I went to the ward Halloween Party last night. It was fun. They did a lot of the same things last year. If you didn't know Chase and I were heads of the Activity committee for our church (until they changed it in the manual that they send out to all bishops and stake presidents) for Halloween and Christmas. For those of you that don't know what that means... We were in charge of planning an activity for 300-400 people. Yes our ward is THAT big.

So Chase and I did a room in our church for the kids. We did pumpkin bowling. It was fun. This is Chase and I after the kids were done with bowling.



Pretty sweet right? Sorry no costume for me!

Then this morning Chase made these for me (all because I told him he should make them)! Oh they were so good! Easiest way of making "cinnamon rolls". They were cinnamon roll pancakes. So yummy!

I found the recipe on pinterest.This is where the pin took me. If you want to partake of this amazing-ness!

Don't they look so good? I mean all that's left?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Visit from Aunt & Uncle

A few weeks ago my Aunt Lydy and Uncle Terry decided to stop by for a visit. They were headed through town and wanted to stop by for a little while. Got some pictures:

Story to remember: The last time I saw Lydy and Terry I was driving across the U.S. with my friend Krista and her parents. I remember we had gotten into Souix City, Iowa, super late. I got Lydy's number from my mom and Krista went with me to their house, which was across town from where we were staying at the hotel. When Krist and I got to their house we left our cell phones in the car and Krista's parents had been trying to get a hold of us for the past hour or two. Krista's mom finally called my mom in Utah and asked for Lydy's number. They were really scared that something had happened to us. All the while I was learning more about my cousins Joy and Terry.

I also remember Lydy looking and sounding like my mom, yes I missed my mom (I had been gone on vacation and driving across country for 2 weeks) so maybe that had something to do with it.

Aren't we all so cute?

My mom and Lydy are 14 years apart. There is some resemblance as sisters right? :)


Just Family, except M because he was still at work. :(

I spy with my little eye a family picture. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Test Kit

A while ago I signed up for a site called Expo TV. Where you can upload videos of you reviewing products. I did a video of Hurley doing his speak trick.

They also have what they call Tryology. Where they will send you a product, you try it out and then upload a video to their site. Well I got it in the mail a little over a month ago.



It is the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. It came with the digital monitor and a pack of 30 test strips as well as 1 pregnancy test.
I'm still debating on whether I actually like the product or not. It was frustrating for me at first because it has you put in the start of when your period is (only goes up to day 5), instead of the day that you are on right now. So if you miss the beginning of your period (to day 5) then you have to wait till the next month. The other downside is, if you are interested in this product then you have to have buy the monitor ($140-$160) and then the test sticks which are like $30-$40.

I hope all women know that the start of their cycle is the first day of their period.

I have used ovulation kits in the past, and they work, just don't buy the cheap ones! It does work the same as an ovulation predictor kit. It also gives you low medium and peak times of your LH hormone. Which is cool, because it seems like you have more chances of pregnancy then just waiting for the line on the regular ovulation kits. That line only tells when you have ovulated.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Hurley and the Bump, Bite and Stitches

These past 2 months have been crazy! Chase and I have been to the Vet every single week for the past month (going on 2 months). All for different reasons. I sometimes feel as if something is telling us to not do something, because we have spent a lot of money on our poor Hurley.

Week 1
We first went to take him because 1. He needed his shots updated and 2. He kept shaking his head, but it wasn't his normal shake off, and he had weird bumps on his ears.

Conclusion: The Vet said that something had bitten his ears, either mites or mosquitoes, or something else. They put him on antibiotics and gave him some antibiotic cream for his ears.

Week 2
It was Wednesday and I started noticing something on his belly it started getting bigger, and I was concerned. I went onto our Vet's website and you can ask questions. So I asked a question and then sent some pictures. Here's what I sent:



On Thursday the vets office said to bring him in. So I called and made an appointment for the next afternoon since I would be at Swiss Days. We also wanted to take him in because his anal glands were acting up and we had the vet express them the week before.

Conclusion: The Vet said that it could be a hernia or something more extreme. He also said to put some of the antibiotic ointment that we had for Hurley's ears on the sore and hope that it decreases. The vet also said to come back next week for a recheck on the ears and also on his tummy, and on his anal glands.

Week 3

We took Hurley back in for a recheck. Nothing new was present and no signs of the ear mites coming back.

Conclusion: looking better, but keep an eye on things. They also showed me how to do an internal anal gland expression (TMI?). Lets just say it really really really really stunk in that exam room. :( and poor Hurley wanted to be out the door quick. He really hates having his anal glands expressed.

Week 4

Tuesday I decided to give Hurley a haircut (you know where this is going to lead right?...) I wanted to clean up his feet and just make him look comfortable before it starts getting colder. I was almost finished and noticed I missed a spot near his back right leg. I tried getting to it, and nicked him REALLY bad. It seriously looked like there was a hole in his skin. The kind of hole where you can stick your finger in it. Well I wanted to wait until Chase got home to determine if we should take him to the vet or let it heal on its own. Wednesday morning comes and both Chase and I look at it, and sure enough it looks like it's getting infected. So I called the vet and set up an appointment for the following day (Thursday) because I wanted Chase to come with me.

Conclusion: So we take him in, and sure enough the vet assistant looked at the hole and asked if Hurley had eaten or had anything to drink, nope. So they gave us an estimate on how much it will cost to sedate him and stitch him up. Seriously?! So they were going to have to reopen the site and then stitch it back up. Then he would need to take some anti-inflammatory medicine, and another round of antibiotics. He can't jump on anything (seriously? you're talking about our dog Hurley the one that likes to jump and sniff and play- A LOT) can't take the stairs and shouldn't run for 2 weeks. Here's some after pictures of his stitches:




I was talking to Chase after it happened and said man that was a $300 mistake. He told me not to think like that and he knew that it was an accident, and doesn't want me to feel bad. Honestly I do feel bad! Hurley has gone through so much these past few weeks, and he's never gonna wanna go to the vet again.

He is however very popular with the vet and vet assistants. After his surgery he still did his newest trick, "Cover".

All I have to say is there better be a dang good reason for all of this to happen. Cause man my wallet sure feels pretty empty! :(

Yes Hurley is laying down with his head on Chase's lap with a paw up. We still love our goggie! :)

Week 5

Took Hurley in for a recheck for his stitches. Everything looked good but the vet wanted to wait until the following week to remove stitches. Just to be safe. Showed the vet a little bump that Hurley had on his back. The vet said it might be a cyst, nothing to really worry about unless it keeps getting bigger.

Week 6

Took Hurley in to get stitches removed! YAY! Hopefully this will be the last for Hurley until he gets his shots next spring.