Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The squash...What not to do...

About a month or two ago we got a squash in our bountiful baskets. I thought I would give it a try in trying to cook it. Like saute and grill the squash. I found a recipe that I liked and was determined to use it.

I thought it would be easy trying to cut it up and peal it... YEAH RIGHT! It is a relative of the pumpkins, I believe. So that means it was SUPER hard to cut. Maybe it was me, but maybe it was my knives.


This is me trying to cut it. Lets just say my muscles were sore the day after. See 3 knives! It looks like a pumpkin and definitely felt like one too!


Then it was a mess! Trying to peal it. I didn't give up, and it tasted alright. I personally don't think I will be eating this again anytime soon.

It kinda makes me wanna gag. ewww...

After all is said and done, I think in the future I will just leave it on display like Mom Palmer has. :)

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