Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Iron Man Costume and Chase

This is what Chase has been up to... He wants to win the costume contest at SecurityMetrics in October, so he has been working hard to get this done.

He first started doing pepakura using paper and glue. That took forever. He was able to make an Iron Man helmet, but in the process of hardening and sanding it broke into 3 pieces. Sad day for him. Then he was going to do the whole set out of paper and then harden and sand. Well that is just too much work. Chase made a friend in our ward who does pep stuff too. They have been working together to make a Iron Man suit, and he (the friend) took the suit to Dragon Con.

Here are some pictures from the process. I won't show the actual suit until its finished because I don't want to give him away if there are people he works with who read this.

This was taken December/January of '10/'11. The hardening stuff stunk so bad, and we wanted to protect Hurley from smelling it too so we put a mask on. The house stunk for several hours.
That is different than what his costume is. He was making this for my brother for Christmas 2010. Any guesses on what it's from?
Chase outside sanding and hardening.
He must love doing this right? :) Show of thumbs please.


Iron Man helmet after hardening. The outside is a glaze thing that is supposed to help with the hardening process so there are no leaks.

This is what he was doing. Taking card stock and creating a shape with it. It's pretty cool but was taking a lot more time than he had anticipated. So he started doing it a different way.

This time out of foam, like the foam mats that can come together.


This was taken with my phone so its not the best. This is how Chase stores everything. He stores all the arms and legs and stuff in the chest piece.

He was kind enough to dress up for me on what he has done.

He just casted the helmet on Saturday. Its hard as a rock.

Here's a video from when they were casting the helmet on Saturday.

I'll do a post on the full piece when he's got it spray painted and finished.

Here's his friends video link from Dragon Con. Pretty sweet if you ask me. That is what it will look like when Chase is done. It lights up which is pretty cool.