Thursday, August 11, 2011


A while ago Chase went in for his yearly physical (yes, guys are supposed to get yearly's too). He had this "mole" on his back. It didn't stick out or anything, and kinda looked like a weird freckle. Well after talking about moles and skin cancer in my pathophysiology class, I was kinda worried about it and thought that he should get it checked out. Turns out wasn't anything bad, but it was close to being all of the ABCD's of moles. Asymmetrical, Borders, Color, and Diameter. Here's a picture of the scar. Sorry I totally didn't take any of the before or even after the stitches were taken out.


Pretty big right? It looks like a kiss. The doctor took a little more than an inch off, and did what is called a running stitch to get it sealed up. It looks a lot better now, but still pink.

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