Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Year Older...

This year, Chase will be 26. Closer to 30 rather than 20. I can't believe we're getting so old! 5 months till I'm 26!

I've been trying to make different cakes for Chase. Chase really liked the one I made last year. I wanted to do something different... So I found a pretty awesome recipe and helpful tips on how to make your own ice cream cake. If you want to learn how to make one like Baskin Robbins here's the site. Ice cream cake is my favorite and I remember getting them for my blizzard birthday's when we lived in Maryland.



We went out to dinner with his family for his birthday dinner, and knowing me I forgot to take pictures. It was really yummy, Chase's favorite, Red Robin. Plus he got a free burger! :)

I knew that the cake I made would last us a long time and we wouldn't even be able to eat the whole thing by ourselves. So I invited the family over on Saturday afternoon for a ice cream cake/birthday celebration. It was fun. Everyone enjoyed the cake. Chase even asked me if I would make it again next year. :)


Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Hope this year is better than last!

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