Tuesday, March 08, 2011

President's Day - Little Late

President's Day Chase got the day off and we decided to spend it at home doing what we always do... nothing... Anyways Chase loves to go geocacheing and since it was a super nice day he wanted to go do a few that we haven't been to. Let me tell you there are TONS of caches everywhere! There are at least 2 in our complex. We only had our phones to take pictures! So sorry if the quality isn't that great!

Chase found this travel bug in Springville and it said that since it was tribute to a soldier it needed to be transferred to a military cache. So Chase found one and we put it in there.
Chase also found this one after the military cache
Chase found this cache, but I wanted a picture of me holding the stuff! We got another travel bug of a little froggy. There was also one of those wooden coins that had a family stamp on it. Apparently Chase likes to collect those.

It was a nice walk and we had fun, but I definitely needed to go home and get into bed! Instead started watching Grey's Anatomy on netflix!

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