Monday, March 14, 2011

In-Laws New Bedroom


Mom and Dad Palmer have taken on a new project for the year, and Mom Palmer asked me if I would create a post for her so that she could show all her friends and family. I've been kind enough to do just that! :) I'm sure I have some before pictures somewhere locked up... Well actually Mom Palmer told me that she didn't have any of the before pictures because she was embarrassed to show anyone. Lets just say they've had their old bed for at least 20 years... Enough said, right? :)

chase's yummy bum! ;)
Having problems with the floor. Raydad said the wood sucked!
We found a lot of pieces that we just crappy!
The awesome nail gun. I was too afraid to use it, doesn't it look intimidating?
Nail gun in use.
Look at those floors before the wood floor. Particle board, yummy
More particle board and unfinished windowsill.

These pictures were taken after the floors, baseboards were on, paint finished:

Isn't that floor pretty?

Cool shadowboxing. Doesn't it look pretty cool?
This was a really cool window trim (not sure if that's what it's really called) but its able to be molded any way it needed to. Like wider or smaller. Pretty cool, cause usually the pieces of wood doesn't move.

Love the fan!
Thought this was a really cool picture.
Window before
Window after

This is the after with the furniture:
Isn't this bed amazing?!
Dresser with mirror

Zoe, the female dog of the house was having a hard time jumping onto the bed. So they bought her this cute little stepping stool so she can jump onto the bed.

Look at the tassels and the bed skirt!

Love the cute little tassel

Look at the texture.

The Closet:

They'll be putting in a new closet kit, but till now this is what it looks like.

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