Thursday, March 24, 2011

All About Hurley


Hurley's List of Tricks
1. Sit
2. Lay Down
3. Puppy Push-Ups
4. Roll Over
5. Dance
6. Jump
7. Kisses
8. Play Dead - he still struggles with this one
9. Bow
10. Speak - Loud and Soft
11. Shake - other paw
12. High Five/Ten
13. Say Your Prayers
14. Crawl
15. Which one? It's like a game, he loves it!

Everyone's favorite trick to watch is "Speak". Chase and I can get him to do loud and soft by saying "Shhh"

He loves getting into bed with us! We do not let him sleep with us at night, but allow him to sleep under the covers after I get up. It's probably his favorite spot! When he was a puppy he just wanted to sleep right in between Chase and I, like a person. Now we scoot him down by our feet.

Here's some pictures of how funny he lays for your enjoyment.

Man he looks like an old goggie in this picture! He definitely needed a shave! I guess he just wanted to grow a goatee! :)
One day I was just sitting on the couch doing who knows what and look over and he's just laying on the floor.

If you want a good laugh:
Go to THIS SITE if you want to look at more adorable pets and funny tag lines with them!
This one is definitely my favorite!
ROTFL? I dontz getz it...

Really... You haz to be kidding!

Finally one from when he was a puppy!

Hope you enjoyed learning about our goggie! :)

P.S. Giving my mom a shout-out for her birthday today!
Love you Mom! 

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