Sunday, March 27, 2011

Come join me at Camp Floyd!

This is what we did yesterday for fun-ness!!!!

My Mom, Michael, David, Chase and I went to Camp Floyd to attend a Geocaching event! We started at the Gift Shop, paid our dues and got the first coordinate. It took us to this tent.

I know the pictures aren't great, but Chase didn't warn us.

Then we got sent to the old school.


It was really pretty on the outside.


After the school it took us right back close to the beginning.


We found the real cache right behind this statue.

After getting the coordinates for the next one it was about 3400 feet away. So we got in the car and drove to the Camp Floyd Cemetery which was about 3400 feet away.

We then went out of our way to go to this cache! I was the one who found this one. Apparently my Dad telling me I had a good eye has really paid off over the years! ;)

On our way back to the car we found this one which was SUPER easy.

After we entered the next coordinates it took us to the Camp Floyd Hotel. We entered in the next coordinates and we walked around. Sadly no pictures. :(

We then went to the Fairfield Cemetery which was the next cache. While Michael and I were entering in the coordinates for the next cache, Chase was off looking for this real cache. But I was the one who found it again. :) Be careful of the electric fence! They warned me as I was holding onto the barbed wire. No worries no injuries!

The coordinates that were entered at the cemetery led us to Camp Floyd Pavilion. Then it took us back to the Gift shop and we ended our geocaching event. :)

Thanks Michael, Mom, and David for coming and joining us!

Friday, March 25, 2011



Yup! That's right! You can enter a contest to win a trip of your choice through a company called Impel Clothing. They have such cute clothing! If you don't want to enter the contest that's fine, but at least go check out the cute clothes they have! Gotta love cute things right?!

Here's the link! Try it out yourself!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New What?

Dishwasher is finally here! After over a year of doing dishes by hand we finally have a WORKING dishwasher! YAY!


Where the old one is until Chase decides to get some men to take it to the dumpster!

Colors definitely don't match. We'll be buying new ones eventually

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sledding - Soldier Hollow

We had a fun date this past weekend! I bought tickets to go sledding at Soldier Hollow off of Screamin' Daily Deals site a few months ago. Usually Soldier Hollow charges $20 per person for 2 hours. I got it for $20 for the both of us, THEN since I had signed up a while ago I also had a $5 credit. So it only cost us $15 for the both of us! $7.50 per person! That is definitely a "screamin' deal!" :)
This was our last picture it started raining soon after we took this and decided that was our last run, don't worry that's not the hill behind us. The hill was behind the guy who we asked to take our picture.
They had a really cool pulley system where it would pull your tube up the big hill! Thankfully we didn't have to walk up it because it was quite steep!

I was first in line in this line! Look at all those people!

That's the hill. It was steep but because it was a warmer day no one was really getting all the way down the hill. Except maybe Chase. :) He was able to on the last run because it started cooling down.



This was our first time up the hill. We only got to go down the hill 5 times. It took us about 20 minutes to go up with the pulley and come back down the hill.

We had a lot of fun and really hope that Screamin' Daily Deals does another deal like that! Next time we will definitely go up earlier in the winter. Chase was saying that the week before people were going all the way down and running into the nets down at the bottom of the hill to protect the tubers from going in the parking lot.
Soldier Hollow also had a place where you could go cross country skiing, and it's where they had the cross country ski races during the Olympics. I think I have been there before when I was in high school. I remember I was super slow at it and was not in very good shape! :)

After Chase and I went to Dairy Keen in Heber. We love that place! Especially since they can make the orange creams! :) Those are my favorites.

Monday, March 14, 2011

In-Laws New Bedroom


Mom and Dad Palmer have taken on a new project for the year, and Mom Palmer asked me if I would create a post for her so that she could show all her friends and family. I've been kind enough to do just that! :) I'm sure I have some before pictures somewhere locked up... Well actually Mom Palmer told me that she didn't have any of the before pictures because she was embarrassed to show anyone. Lets just say they've had their old bed for at least 20 years... Enough said, right? :)

chase's yummy bum! ;)
Having problems with the floor. Raydad said the wood sucked!
We found a lot of pieces that we just crappy!
The awesome nail gun. I was too afraid to use it, doesn't it look intimidating?
Nail gun in use.
Look at those floors before the wood floor. Particle board, yummy
More particle board and unfinished windowsill.

These pictures were taken after the floors, baseboards were on, paint finished:

Isn't that floor pretty?

Cool shadowboxing. Doesn't it look pretty cool?
This was a really cool window trim (not sure if that's what it's really called) but its able to be molded any way it needed to. Like wider or smaller. Pretty cool, cause usually the pieces of wood doesn't move.

Love the fan!
Thought this was a really cool picture.
Window before
Window after

This is the after with the furniture:
Isn't this bed amazing?!
Dresser with mirror

Zoe, the female dog of the house was having a hard time jumping onto the bed. So they bought her this cute little stepping stool so she can jump onto the bed.

Look at the tassels and the bed skirt!

Love the cute little tassel

Look at the texture.

The Closet:

They'll be putting in a new closet kit, but till now this is what it looks like.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you are reading this, then this means you're reading the 200th post. YAY!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

President's Day - Little Late

President's Day Chase got the day off and we decided to spend it at home doing what we always do... nothing... Anyways Chase loves to go geocacheing and since it was a super nice day he wanted to go do a few that we haven't been to. Let me tell you there are TONS of caches everywhere! There are at least 2 in our complex. We only had our phones to take pictures! So sorry if the quality isn't that great!

Chase found this travel bug in Springville and it said that since it was tribute to a soldier it needed to be transferred to a military cache. So Chase found one and we put it in there.
Chase also found this one after the military cache
Chase found this cache, but I wanted a picture of me holding the stuff! We got another travel bug of a little froggy. There was also one of those wooden coins that had a family stamp on it. Apparently Chase likes to collect those.

It was a nice walk and we had fun, but I definitely needed to go home and get into bed! Instead started watching Grey's Anatomy on netflix!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Are We Crazy?!

Tuesday was such a nice day that we did a little of this:

and more of this:
then chase had to do this:
and then we were smiling in our helmets happy.