Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Dance

The Friday before Valentine's Day Chase and I decided to go to a FREE dance held at Utah Valley University's Institute. The fed us potatoes and salad! YUM! They had a live 20 piece band - Awesome Trumpet player... Dr Shively. The dance was supposed to be a date dance, but there were several guys there who went stag! Lovely... The only reason we went was because Chase and I are taking a Marriage and Student Seminar class that is held once a month, and they were combining with the actual institute to have this dance. Honestly we did not have any fun. I think if we would have had another married couple that we both knew there it wouldn't have been that bad. So besides the fact that we didn't have any fun, Chase was kind enough to dance with me (YAY!) and then the band said they were going to play a cha cha cha. Not kidding you... EVERYONE who has ever taken a social dance class went on the floor! They never learned how to watch their surroundings when dancing. Something that only experienced dancers know, and something that I've been told by Chase too. After Chase and I got hit so many times, Chase finally said "that's it we're done!" How sad is that! I only got one picture from the whole night and it was taken on my phone! 

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