Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Birthday? Who Knew...

January usually has 2 birthday's mine, and my sisters. Remember this post from last year? Well my baby sister turned 18 on Saturday! A few weeks ago The DeArmon side of the family took me out to lunch/dinner at The Olive Garden! It was SO yummy! My dad also bought me flowers the day before and had them sent to me! Then the following week we went out to dinner with Chase's parents plus Logan to Chilies to celebrate Mine and Ray's birthday. Chase let me go pick out my own presents. :) I got a cute jacket and a cute beanie. Just what I wanted! :)

This past Sunday we celebrated Carolin's birthday by having all of her favorite foods. Hmm... Look Familiar? We had Orange "Chicken", Sweet and Sour "Chicken", Lo Mien, Fried Rice, Lettuce Wraps, Egg Rolls and we were going to have 7-Layer Salad but it never got taken out of the fridge! lol I also made her a Coconut Cake and had ice cream. I totally forgot the candles and mom was nice enough to tell me to NEVER forget candles at our kids birthday.

Laughing at what Chase put in as a "candle"
Blowing out her "candle"
This was a present from Chase and I. Hello American Crafts!
The look of "I can't believe you got me THIS!"
Now for the smiles... She got a cool rotary cutter and mat. Now she can do craft projects too.
Rockin' Socks!
Then the present from dad...
Yup, she got a kindle! Now she'll be able to take a bunch of books on a trip without the weight!
Then this present... I made it look so cute. Carolin was worried that I was going to give her this again...
But who knew she would get such a CUTE hat!?

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