Monday, January 17, 2011

Earring Stand

I made an earring stand a while back, with the help of my husband. He did the stapling part though that was it, the rest was all me! :)

Here's where I got the idea from

Of course I did mine a little differently. I bought a frame half off from Roberts a long time ago, it didn't have glass or anything. AND it was black. Gotta love black. I did also try to distress it because that's the look that I have around my house. Before Chase and I got married he had made me this candlestick holder using his dads lathe. But it wasn't exactly even. So I took some sand paper and desperately tried to make it the same. Let me just say that I actually never did even it out. But it sticks up against the mirror in the bathroom that it doesn't wobble. Anyways I spray painted the wood piece black (of course) and distressed it.  Now I'm realizing that one is shiny and one is not. Maybe I'll do a little mod podging later today. :) Plus it will make it heavenly to clean. :)


  1. This is really REALLY cool Tedi! I want one!

  2. This made my jaw drop. Seriously! You make the coolest things. Please, give me your brain.