Wednesday, January 12, 2011

101 Things that Make me Happy

There's a blog called Maven of Savin that I subscribe to. I mostly use it for coupon help. Recently I have been having low self-esteem, in fact I have had it my whole life. This is how I feel... I hate my body, I hate my wardrobe, I hate how my hair flips out, I hate my eyelashes, etc. You get the picture... I just happened to be checking out the email that she sent out, and on the very top of the list it said "Self-Esteem: Stripped NAKED". I was like this isn't coupon help, I want to check this one out. I read it and it seriously changed me! I honestly can say that it was an answer to my prayer. One thing Lynn mentioned in her post was 101 things that make you happy. She'll be doing two a week, but me I wanted to get on top of it! So here is the start of my list of 101 things that make me happy! I'll keep adding to it throughout the year.

1. Being a Latter-Day Saint (if you want to know more about what my faith is you can visit this site)
2. Laughing my butt off over something that really wasn't supposed to be that funny
3. Reading a good book - like Mocking Jay
4. Visiting Pawley's Island
5. Thanksgiving
6. Doing the laundry
7. Shopping for a pair of pants at Maurices
8. Shopping for a new bra at Victoria Secret - especially when they are having their Semi Annual Sale
9. Sleeping in and cuddling with my husband
10. Reading my Pathophysiology book, and actually understanding what is being said
11. Sitting by a warm fire reading a good book - wish I could be doing that right now! It's super cold!
12. Taking a drive through the Alpine Loop
13. Having a little googie named Hurley cuddle with me
14. Watching Dancing with the stars - then thinking that I am a somewhat better dancer than they are! :)
15. Taking a nap
16. Making sweet treats
17. Getting taxes done early
18. Listening to the dog howl because he loves his squeeky toys!
19.Me and my DP! :)
20. Getting a good deal while out shopping, then sharing it with the husband even though he doesn't get AS excited as I do!

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