Saturday, December 31, 2011

The IUI and a Happy New Year


It was a Thursday morning in October. I woke up and ran the fertility monitor (pee on a stick). It said I was medium for ovulation peak. Later that day I called the doctor to ask him if I should do an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) the next day, because we were using a different method than what he tells his other IUI patients.

Rewind to a few months ago after texting a friend, I was kind of convinced that Chase and I should at least go talk to the IUI doctor at our doctors clinic to see what he had to offer. It was great, he answered all of our questions, and knew exactly what he was doing. Later in the month I had my visiting teachers over and one of them used to work in that clinic. She said Dr. C is a great doctor and that he knows what he's doing. That was the assurance I needed to go through with this.

So we were planning on doing it the following month. Then we ended up taking Hurley into the Vet several times which cost us the money we were going to use for the IUI to pay for him to get better. So we skipped that month and decided to do it in October.

Fast Forward to that Thursday... Dr. C said we should come in with a sperm sample the next morning at 8.

So Friday we drop off the dog, Chase called his boss and his boss said to take the day off! YES! The nurse took the sperm to be cleaned and gets it ready for the IUI.

Almost an hour later they call us back. In my head I was thinking if I really wanted to do this or not. Was it going to work? Would we have just paid $300 for nothing? Would I get pregnant so easily? Is my uterus a hostile environment? A lot of questions to be thinking about for one simple procedure.

So I get undressed from the waste down, you know like a normal pap exam. I'm all ready to go. Then Dr. C comes in and they forget to put in the stirrups. These aren't the normal birthing stirrups. They don't have any place to rest your feet so it just hooks under your knees, and your feet dangle. Dr. C didn't use the normal speculum either, it was bigger. So once Dr. C is all situated he couldn't get the syringe with the rubber thing on the top (not sure what it's called) so he THEN had to use a tenaculum (yes one of those pincher tools) for my cervix (I even told Chase the day before that Dr. C would have to use a tenaculum). After everything was set (and he injected the spermies) he left everything be, and let me lay there for the longest 10 minutes of my life! I cried for the first few minutes because I was SO uncomfortable, and in a lot of pain. Yes, I know I have never given birth, so I don't know what that is like, but it was really painful. Thankfully I had an amazing husband who could see the amount of pain I was in, and hold my hand and stretch out my legs so that they wouldn't fall asleep (even though they did anyways).

After 10 minutes he came back in, slowly took everything out and said "Okay, we'll know in two weeks". I asked him if there were things that I should or shouldn't do, and he said nope. We left and I cramped the rest of the day. Like period cramps.

The waiting period was horrible! Two weeks really?! I have had weird cravings, loss of appetite, feeling exhausted the first week. I told a few of my friends, but no family. We were determined to keep this a secret so that we could surprise them. Each of them said they would keep us in our prayers and we prayed ourselves that the IUI would work and we could become parents. We were also hoping that if we prayed enough we wouldn't have to go through with another IUI.

The Monday of the second week I started spotting. At first it was really light, no clots so I thought it was implantation, seeing as I had heard that some women spot during that time. Then by Wednesday or Thursday the amount of spotting was increasing and clots were coming. I didn't even try a pregnancy test, because I knew that this was the beginning of my period.

I cried for several days after because I knew I wasn't pregnant and it was heartbreaking.

Fast forward to the beginning of December (yes we waited because of $$ issues, I mean who wouldn't have $300 every month to spend, right? Or am I the only one). We decided we were going to do another IUI. Same thing as before saw medium on fertility monitor call the Dr for an appointment the next day. This time was a little different. I started freaking out the day before we were supposed to go in. Bad anxiety, stressing because I didn't want to go through the same pain that I went through for the first IUI. I asked Chase for a blessing. I knew and had faith that I could be calmed down by that, and that things would work out. It is amazing to have a husband be able to give me that.

The next day, Chase could tell that I was a lot calmer. I felt better. We get to the Doctors office and things ended up going better. My cervix was straight and he was able to easily put the syringe in. This time there wasn't NEARLY as much pain as the first time, I was SO grateful!

The Dr. said the same thing as before, 2 weeks waiting. This time we told a few more friends and asked them to pray for us. This time we fasted (because it happened to fall over the first Sunday) and prayed harder. We still didn't want to tell our family or many friends hoping that it would work. I also tried several times to forget, so I could focus on other things and not stress on something I had no control over. I had a friend (this was the first time I told her about the IUI) who asked me several times the first week if I could feel anything different, which defeated the purpose of not stressing over something I couldn't control.

The second week came and I started cramping Monday and then Tuesday morning before I flushed the toilet I noticed there was a little teeny thing that wasn't blood but transparent in color. I cried all morning, because I knew that I had either miscarried or the IUI didn't work again. I cramped bad the rest of Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday I started cramping with light spotting, until it was my period once again.

About a week or two ago we felt like it was time to tell our family. Or at least our parents, actually my dad doesn't really know yet, maybe I should tell him. haha We sat down and told Chase's parents that we had done two IUI's. Chase's parents were actually starting to wonder what was going on, apparently one of our friends had sort of spilled the beans at a baby shower that Chase's mom went to. Both sets of parents are more than supportive and will do anything to try and help. Which has made it more bearable.

This past week we tried another IUI. It was kind of last minute. The day before the IUI the fertility monitor said that I was at a low. Then the day of the IUI it jumped to a high. That day we called the doctor and they wanted us to come in as soon as we could. Not like it has to be done in the morning, our Dr. just sees other patients so it's best if we come first thing in the morning. This time it went a lot better. I took it easy the whole day, tried keeping my feet up or at least sitting. Chase and I were able to take the day off and we spent it relaxing. :)

I know this is a long post! I have been wanting to tell all of my friends, but I wanted to wait till I was either pregnant or we told our parents what we were doing.

I kinda have been making a joke about the IUI, that "you know what we were doing..." :) it's really lame I know, but it makes me laugh. I sometimes feel that asking for prayers is being prideful or vain, because I know there are lots of people who could use prayers more than us. If you are able to pray, please do. I know we would never make it without your prayers. :)

I hope and pray the new year brings us pregnancy! I know it's in the Lord's timing, but it can be hard at times to know that we are doing everything we can, and we are still not seeing this blessing that we have been praying for.

Happy New Year

Monday, December 19, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Card

I haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet this year... I am going to do that this week. I had to figure out what picture I liked best from a photo shoot Chase and I did with Taylor Jay Photography. This is our card.

Like I said before I am sending them out this week so they should be arriving soon, hopefully... :)


If you can't read it it says:
In 2011: Chase is still working at SecurityMetrics as an Account Manager. He has been working for them for a little over 3 years now.  Tedi is working for a company called Steal Network. She took a semester off from school but will be starting back up in the Spring.  Hurley, our dog, turned 3. Still loves chewing bones and digging, like any normal dog, and has mastered the trick "cover."

Here are some other favorites from our photo shoot. Just wish I had gotten some more head shots of us. Next year...


It was really really cold outside!






Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The First Presidency Christmas Devotional

Last year I really wanted to go do more things on Temple Square or church related things for Christmas. Well around October you can sign up to get tickets to Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert and also the Christmas Devotional along with other concerts and such. I wanted tickets so I signed up for them the day they opened. They put you in a drawing (because so many people want tickets) and if you are one of the people drawn then you get sent tickets!

I didn't really understand where we would be sitting. It said Plaza 1. Well we got SUPER close! Like amazingly close! These all are taken with my phone so sorry if the quality is poor.


We were able to see a ton of the apostles come out and take their seats with their families.

Chase and I

After we went and walked around Temple Square. I think everybody had the same idea.

There were some really cool trees! This picture looked cooler on my phone.

Did you know... At Temple Square they start setting up lights in August, and then start taking them down in March. Pretty sweet right?

This one is my favorite!

I'll probably post more pictures when I get them from the other couples we went with. :)

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Heart Burn

Cleaver name. You'll see why.

I made this cute frame for Valentines Day. Yes I know it's not Valentines Day, but I never get around to crafting when the right month is around. :) Just how I am... Plus I forget and then say to myself I need to get to crafting...

I decided to craft this:



I have looked to see where I have copied it from and I can't find it anywhere. I thought it was super cute.

I started gluing all the pieces on then I was on my last one (the bottom right) and I was trying to turn it so I could stick it to the paper... it totally fell out of my hand and I burnt myself really really bad! Like 2nd degree burns. It was all on my little pinky finger. It has been hurting really bad tonight and I went to go get some burn cream, and that didn't even help! So I now have a fear of my glue gun and we decided that we shouldn't be friends. So that is why I have all this "Heart Burn."


Look at that big bump! Kinda blurry sorry... Can you tell I had been crying? Puffy eyes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Canning Experience

I went to my mom's house a while ago and we finished picking all the vegetables in her garden. Which meant a TON of green tomatoes! I found what looked to be a yummy salsa verde recipe off of pinterest. The recipe called for tomatillos but I used green tomatoes instead, and decided not to roast the green tomatoes, but it ended up turning a darker color because I cooked the salsa before I put them in the jars.

Husband came home and was tired, but sure was excited that I made salsa! :)

My pot would only allow me to do 3 at a time. See that lovely rim of white in the pot? Ya that's calcium and magnesium build up from our hard water.Gotta love it! :S

Once the canning process was done (and after calling my mom for help 3x) we removed the jars and let them cool off. They were pretty much already sealed when we took them out. Definitely a good thing!But the bad thing was they had that lovely build up all over the lids...

I highly recommend getting jars and getting proper canning tools. It helps a lot! And maybe a bigger pot than mine! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Husband is Amazing

Yup, it's true. He was so bold to tell me that I should do a post just on how great he is.

He took time out of his busy schedule to help me switch up our blog design. It took a while, and after so many tutorials he just started playing around with it and then... WHAM! It was fixed. :)

So that's why he's such a great husband. Plus many many many more things.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Costume Contest

Hey everyone! I have entered the Iron Man costume into a Costume Contest!

I need everyone to take a minute to vote for my costume.

Voting is easy:

1. First, you just need to click on this link: Hand made Iron Man costume.
2. Click on 5 stars.
3. Leave a comment. 4. If you have a Facebook Account, click "Like".
5. If you have a Twitter Account, click "Twitter" to get the word out.

Thank you for all of your help! Halloween Costume Contest - Vote for Iron Man Costume!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Tram at Snowbird

Happy 11-11-11 at 11:11am. :) :) :)

So I subscribe to a lot of blogs that help me save money. That is one thing I can do to help our family get more for less. Plus it's a great accomplishment for me each time I can only spend $1-2 on product worth $10-20. Well one of the blogs said that Snowbird (one of the ski/snowboard resorts) was offering a free tram ride with a food donation. They were only doing it on the weekends and for a few weekends in October and then ending the first weekend in November.

I had been wanting to go for the past month. We were planning on going the weekend of October 29, but we checked that morning we were planning on going and Snowbird said the tram was getting a new paving (not sure what that meant). So we weren't able to go, sad day for me. Well after our exciting weekend with the Holyoak's and Ogilvie's for Halloween. Chase and I decided to invite them to come and ride the tram with us. Heck it was free. :)

It was cold, lets be honest. Snowbird had a sign that said at 11,000 feet it is 11 degrees. Guess where we were riding to?

I kept trying to get his picture on the tram but he would either blink, or move.

Me being really really cold!

See what I mean? seriously every time.

Going up

I was trying to get pictures of our "crew"

Look at how freaking cold it was~! Seriously!

Once we got up to the top the tram driver said he would give us 20 minutes to walk around and take pictures, and also asked us kindly to not play around because it would take a long time to get help if someone got injured.

Us girls in the warming hut

Freezing our bums off! :)

The Guys just chilling! :)

Then a few of us

See, again with the eyes. He must have been too cold! :) but then again I look like I'm in pain. haha. I actually was in pain due to my toes being frozen. Seriously 11 degrees!

Super cold

If you look closely you can tell it says 10 degrees!

Then finally a picture of the tram on our way down.

After the tram we all went and got hot cocoa and then went to our house and had games night. Played Rock band, and then played the game "Things". Pee pee and poop were a hot discussion. :) :) :) :)

If you haven't played it I HIGHLY recommend getting it! Seriously you will have a laugh attack. My face still hurts from laughing so much. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cone of Shame

Too many laughs and giggles are coming from me at this moment. Not that he happened to forget his badge today, but the picture on the badge. :)


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Election

This November, 3 city council seats were up for election as well as a bond to fund more schools in Alpine School District. Yup you guessed it! I totally voted! It seriously is so important for us younger folk to get out and vote. It is usually all those older people that go and vote. Nope not me. Ever since I was able to register to vote I have voted (except 1 election). I have realized how important it is to state how I feel. Voting for the right people in office (whether it is a democrat or republican- though some will argue with me on this) is what our country needs. Too bad nobody listened to me for the presidential election ;).

Here's proof today that I voted (yeah I guess the hubs did too, but he didn't want a sticker). So here's to me!

Hope you all voted! If you didn't make sure to get out and register for next year. Ya know it's gonna be a big one! :)



Monday, November 07, 2011

The BYU Doggie

Remember how I went to Swiss Day's (back in September) and found Hurley something pretty sweet but I needed to save it for it's own post? Well this is why...



We got it from woofware.com. They were so nice when I bought it at their little shop.

P.S. Does anyone know how to get rid of animals green eyes in photoshop? I have tried several tutorials and it looks super funny every time I finish. Please let me know if you do! :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Iron Man and Pepper Potts Photo Shoot

Yup.... That's who I got to be... Pepper Potts. 'cept I didn't have any red hair. But I tried to be as much like her as I could be. Our good friend Steph (Alexa) was kind enough to do a photo shoot of my "man" and me. Plus some other couples too, but I'd like to think that it was all for us. :)

The 4 questions people have been asking about his costume are:
1. Can you see out of it? Yes, he can see out of it, there are little slits.
2. What is it made of? High Density Foam (EVC Foam, PVC Foam, are some other names)
3. How long did it take? He says 6 months with the foam. I say since last November starting with paper, since he's pretty much been absent since then. ;P
4. Did you make it yourself? Yes he did. He is VERY proud of what he did and is going to be doing War Machine (Iron Man's buddy) next year. He won't start that till January... Hopefully it won't take him as long.

I'll add more photos when I get them, so please check back!

Oh and don't forget to vote for Chase's costume for a costume contest he entered: Hand made Iron Man costume




With the lights. Yes they all lit up, except the inside of the hands.

Chase giving me a weird look

...and then we got to hang out with the Minions. :) Silly minions! :)


You better comment on this one Mom Palmer! :) :) Since you're the one who wanted me to post this... :) :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cougar Run

Logan convinced me to do another race about a month or two ago. Well it happened the second Saturday of October. It was for BYU homecoming. We got to run the parade route.

All the BYU fans with their families were sitting along the parade route. As we were all running the kids would stick their hands out for us to slap them as we would run by. It was so cute! There were a lot of people that kept saying "keep going". It was very motivating.


Right before the race started, it was super cold that morning!

Raydad was cold.

Hurley was shivering the whole time!

Logan was way ahead of me.

After Logan finished he started walking back the race route so he could finish with me. The whole way running (by this time I had picked up my pace) he kept talking to me telling me that I was going to pass all these people, and to keep going. Which helped, but then I started pushing myself a little too much and started getting sick to my stomach, almost as if I were going to throw up. Logan wanted me to pass this older couple, but they started speeding up too. I beat my time in August by 2 minutes! I was so grateful that Logan came to run with me, it was nice having that motivation.

Hopefully by next year I'll be about 30 minutes for a 5k. That would be super nice! :) I gotta keep at it. I might need to start working on my stride more and it would be helpful to invest in a new pair of running shoes.
That same weekend I had been battling a really bad aching jaw. If you were to zoom in on this picture you would see that I wasn't even able to bite down all the way. I couldn't chew for almost a whole week. I had been cooking soft foods so that way I wouldn't be in so much pain. Thankfully my wonderful chiropractor that I have been going to since I was 16 was able to get it all worked out. I only ended up going twice and after leaving the office the second time I could actually bite down without it hurting. I am seriously amazed at what he can do. I don't even think the actual doctor could have done that. The doctor probably would have referred me to my chiropractor. But the downside is I still have to wear my blasted mouth guard. All because I like to grind my teeth when I sleep. :(