Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas - Christmas Day

Chase and I have a tradition every year, and that is wake up. Open our own presents together. Drive down to Chase's parents have Christmas breakfast with them, eating yummy sticky buns (sorry no picture, just have to imagine their goodness). Open presents, watch a movie that we got. Then drive to my mom's for Christmas dinner, eat and then open presents and watch another movie! Here are some pictures to share the day.

First off, let me talk about this picture below. Chase has been wanting to do something nice for his parents for a really long time - get rid of their entertainment center, and put up a flat screen tv. Well we bought a tv before Thanksgiving with the help of Brad and his family and Logan. Chase knew that Raydad wouldn't set up the tv and get rid of the entertainment center by himself and that we needed to help him get rid of it. We had heard from a little bird (Mom Palmer) that Raydad was thinking of taking a 1/2 day or even working from home on Thursday (The day we were going to set up the TV, as an early Christmas present), so that meant we had to do it a day early. We got it all set up within 2 hours, thanks to the help of Mom Palmer and Logan. We even stayed late so that way we could see the reaction on his face. It took him a few minutes to realize that we had even taken down the entertainment center. Crazy right? We got a good picture of him posing the nice tv on the wall.

We sort of figured that Hurley would love a big bone! So glad we didn't get the biggest one! He is sort of having a hard time eating it now.
With all the stuff he got for Christmas. A sweater, a new leash and collar and a bone. He's enjoyed himself!

I tried doing something new for us this year to try and bring down the price of everything. So instead of buying just whatever we had 4 categories. WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ. I can't remember where I got the idea from, so it's definitely not my own. Chase really liked the idea - besides forgetting one of the things... I guess I will be getting that.
Chase got the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime figure. He definitely was not expecting me to get it for him! He loves it! Plus now he can put it with the rest of the pack of transformers. You would think that it would be made of plastic like the others but it is made of metal and plastic, so it's really heavy!

This was my want, white watch with diamonds around it. I LOVE IT!

So after our Christmas together we packed everything up and headed to the Palmers for breakfast and presents. One of those big presents was Chase's fridge that he got for his office. Now he can take all the drinks he wants and put it in the fridge. :) He's way happy about it!

This was Mom Palmer's new nativity set she got this year. She wanted me to take pictures for her. Hope this helps.

Then we headed to the DeArmon's for dinner. I didn't get a lot of pictures. In fact I didn't get ANY pictures of people! How sad! Here's the table where we ate dinner. YUM!
This is my mom's Christmas tree. It's a fake one - so glad they got a fake one! I can't remember how much they paid for it, but they got it at a yard sale! Pretty sweet right!? We are in need of a taller one.

 On our way home there was massive fog! Here are some pictures of it!

 Eternal blackness!

 So gross right! It was definitely quite eerie outside! But I am glad that we were able to get home safe!

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