Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas - Christmas Cards

I made cards to send out to family, but I didn't make quite enough. Sorry to those who did send me a card and I wasn't able to return the favor! Next year for sure - cause I made a list this time! So here's what they looked like. I got the cool design from Becky Higgins site. We took this picture while at the Salt Lake Temple, when Chase, my mom, Carolin and I did baptisms there.

We also did a black and white one too. Chase liked the color one better, but I liked it in black and white. So we made a compromise I did 1/2 color and 1/2 black and white to send out to our family and friends.

This is what I glued on the back on a piece of paper! I know I'm original, but hey at least I mailed them before Christmas! teehee!

Palmers - 2010
This year has been quite relaxing! No seriously!

Tedi had a fun busy winter and fall semester attending Utah Valley University.  She switched majors from Nursing to Exercise Science during the summer. After a boring fall semester, she decided to switch back to nursing, but will try and attend a different school.

Chase has been working at SecurityMetrics for the past two years and has moved up to be an Account Manager for many banks. He took a business trip this past September to Baltimore, MD with the Vice President to meet with a bank called Global Payments. He loves his job and wouldn't want to do anything else!

We moved last Christmas to Eagle Mountain City, and love it! Especially Hurley! He definitely loves having more room to run around, and play. Since we live about 20 minutes away from jobs and school we have made it a goal for the next few years to follow Dave Ramsey and become debt free! We still love spending as much time with each other and can't wait to start a family!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Ted and Chase

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  1. I love your Christmas Card! I agree a debt free life is the best. :) Hey, I'm going to miss you at UVU.