Saturday, November 27, 2010

Project # 6 - Recipe Books

Last Christmas I decided that I was going to make my dad a recipe book of all kinds of easy recipes. The reason I wanted to make him a cook book was that in the past he gets up at 4am to drive to work up in Clinton it's almost a 2 hour drive, so when he gets home he's exhausted and doesn't really have time to make dinner. Here's some pictures

I wanted to make myself one (even though my mom made one a few years ago for Christmas for me) mainly for favorite recipes. I also made a meal plan for Chase and I so I knew what to buy at the store that week and thought it would be easier than just having the recipes written down in a favorites book. So I have been searching for a good site to help with the meal planning, and after much searching I finally found this ladies site, I copied a lot of what she did but left some stuff out because it was too confusing for me. Here's what I did, hopefully it will work for us, and won't be too expensive. I only spend about $120 a month on groceries for the two of us, I thought it might be super hard to stick with that budget. It's taken me like 3-4 months to get it all figured out, and am so happy that it's done. Here's the finished product.

 I was originally going to use this album for my dad's recipe book, but then Hurley decided he was going to chew it. :) So I used it for mine rather than his.

 This is my menu planner
 Here's the front cover of the dinner meal plan.
 It says "Dinner: The main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday"
I got it from this site.

 I made a list of things that was in our favorite recipe book.

 Then I made a list of all the foods I would love to try desserts and everything from my email and wrote down the day that they are found in each email.

 Then I finally made a meal plan for 8 weeks. Using stuff I have in my pantry and then I will go the week before to get other stuff. I haven't followed it exactly since the holiday came around, and we've gone out to eat other times.

 The last thing I put in the menu book was all the household items I use, or how much I would like to have on hand in case an emergency ever happened.

Overall I really like what I put together, but I'll still look for the sale items like I normally do and use my coupons for the best deals. I can't get enough of em!

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