Friday, November 19, 2010

Date: Conference Weekend

I thought for us to be ready for conference weekend we should take a trip up to Salt Lake and watch the Joseph Smith Movie in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Before we got to temple square we decided to take Sarah's advice and go to Hire's Big H restaurant. It was SO yummy and Chase LOVED the root beer.

Yup! Was a total drive in! Better than Sonic (I would know)!
We highly recommend it, and will be returning one of these days! YUM!
Taken while we were waiting for our food.
Isn't the temple just beautiful!? 

The south visitors center has a replica of the temple, inside and out. Those who are unable to go in can still view what it looks like. It was pretty cool. But I felt too much like a tourist to take a picture of it.
They were just about to close the grounds, and I wanted to take a picture.
eww, I just noticed you can see up our noses, glad we didn't have any boogers.
We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to go downtown, cause we don't do it very often.

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  1. Fun date! We will have to try Big H I always hear good things about it.