Monday, November 08, 2010

Buzzed Hair

Chase had asked me a while ago if he should buzz his hair. We thought it was a good idea. So this is me doing that to him. I know he looks like a nerd right? But that's because I was shaving it. And seriously who cares about what it looks like during, right? Because all that matters is the end result! So here's him in the process. We had just woken up too, so he's got some mad sleepy eyes!

He looks pretty funny right?
Afterwords, minus a few hairs on his chest. TEHE!
He had a lot of hair.

We actually buzzed his hair the morning before the Sunday session of conference. So these pictures were taken during conference.

Doesn't he have such an awesome back of the head. :) Hurley was a bit jealous that we locked him out of the kitchen while I was shaving his head.

Can't wait to show you what we did for Halloween, which does have to do with me shaving his head again, what do you think we'll be?! We found Hurley a costume that matched what we were thinking so it sealed the deal. That will be a future post, seeing as we haven't gotten caught up yet.

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