Monday, November 29, 2010

Mounting the TV

Ever since we moved into our condo, Chase has always wanted to mount the 50" TV to the wall. He had started coming up with ideas as to get it mounted without the cords showing. It took us 2 days to "officially" get it hung. He really really really likes it. I guess I am mostly the same, and like it too. His excuse was that there is more room now for me to decorate (what a sweetheart always thinking of me). Here's some pictures:
Sorry for the glare, dang tv. :)

This is how we did it. Hole in the wall, yup your right.

P.S. He really should have created this post, not me. But apparently I'm the main blogger around here now.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Project # 6 - Recipe Books

Last Christmas I decided that I was going to make my dad a recipe book of all kinds of easy recipes. The reason I wanted to make him a cook book was that in the past he gets up at 4am to drive to work up in Clinton it's almost a 2 hour drive, so when he gets home he's exhausted and doesn't really have time to make dinner. Here's some pictures

I wanted to make myself one (even though my mom made one a few years ago for Christmas for me) mainly for favorite recipes. I also made a meal plan for Chase and I so I knew what to buy at the store that week and thought it would be easier than just having the recipes written down in a favorites book. So I have been searching for a good site to help with the meal planning, and after much searching I finally found this ladies site, I copied a lot of what she did but left some stuff out because it was too confusing for me. Here's what I did, hopefully it will work for us, and won't be too expensive. I only spend about $120 a month on groceries for the two of us, I thought it might be super hard to stick with that budget. It's taken me like 3-4 months to get it all figured out, and am so happy that it's done. Here's the finished product.

 I was originally going to use this album for my dad's recipe book, but then Hurley decided he was going to chew it. :) So I used it for mine rather than his.

 This is my menu planner
 Here's the front cover of the dinner meal plan.
 It says "Dinner: The main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday"
I got it from this site.

 I made a list of things that was in our favorite recipe book.

 Then I made a list of all the foods I would love to try desserts and everything from my email and wrote down the day that they are found in each email.

 Then I finally made a meal plan for 8 weeks. Using stuff I have in my pantry and then I will go the week before to get other stuff. I haven't followed it exactly since the holiday came around, and we've gone out to eat other times.

 The last thing I put in the menu book was all the household items I use, or how much I would like to have on hand in case an emergency ever happened.

Overall I really like what I put together, but I'll still look for the sale items like I normally do and use my coupons for the best deals. I can't get enough of em!

Friday, November 26, 2010

BYU Game - San Diego State

A long time ago, in a land close to home that's where Chase and I met, you know Provo, BYU... Anyways, Logan (Chase's brother) wanted me to "stop by" while I was at the San Diego State vs. BYU game and meet his older brother. Then a few months later... You get it right? The rest is history. :)

A few weeks ago (maybe a month now because I'm so behind in getting blogs up and being caught up) Chase and I had a plan to use the coupon I got for Beauty and the Beast on blueray at Best Buy. Well being in a hurry to get out the door I totally forgot the coupon, and so we ended up just browsing the store. Upon getting ready to leave the guy in the yellow shirt (you know the guy that greets people at the front of the store) saw Chase wearing his BYU shirt and asked us if we were BYU fans, we said yes, then asked if we were going to the game and we said no. Then he handed us FREE tickets (you know we all love free). Well it happened to start in like 40 minutes, so we raced down to BYU along with the rest of the fans, parked and then walked to the stadium. We had a fun time and were both exhausted by the time we got home (after 2 hours of being in the car).
 This is the picture from the game 4 years ago (wow, has it really been that long!?) Chase's face wasn't in it that's me and Logan, but you can see his arm in the left side of the picture, he was the one who took it!It must have been fate that we got free tickets to go to the game, the very game we met at.

Here's some pictures we took of us at the game this year:

horrible seats right? At least we were there. ahhh...

Of course they won! They had to. That's all I gotta say! :) Now just waiting to watch the BYU vs. Utah game tomorrow at 1:30! :) :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Date: Conference Weekend

I thought for us to be ready for conference weekend we should take a trip up to Salt Lake and watch the Joseph Smith Movie in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Before we got to temple square we decided to take Sarah's advice and go to Hire's Big H restaurant. It was SO yummy and Chase LOVED the root beer.

Yup! Was a total drive in! Better than Sonic (I would know)!
We highly recommend it, and will be returning one of these days! YUM!
Taken while we were waiting for our food.
Isn't the temple just beautiful!? 

The south visitors center has a replica of the temple, inside and out. Those who are unable to go in can still view what it looks like. It was pretty cool. But I felt too much like a tourist to take a picture of it.
They were just about to close the grounds, and I wanted to take a picture.
eww, I just noticed you can see up our noses, glad we didn't have any boogers.
We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to go downtown, cause we don't do it very often.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Buzzed Hair

Chase had asked me a while ago if he should buzz his hair. We thought it was a good idea. So this is me doing that to him. I know he looks like a nerd right? But that's because I was shaving it. And seriously who cares about what it looks like during, right? Because all that matters is the end result! So here's him in the process. We had just woken up too, so he's got some mad sleepy eyes!

He looks pretty funny right?
Afterwords, minus a few hairs on his chest. TEHE!
He had a lot of hair.

We actually buzzed his hair the morning before the Sunday session of conference. So these pictures were taken during conference.

Doesn't he have such an awesome back of the head. :) Hurley was a bit jealous that we locked him out of the kitchen while I was shaving his head.

Can't wait to show you what we did for Halloween, which does have to do with me shaving his head again, what do you think we'll be?! We found Hurley a costume that matched what we were thinking so it sealed the deal. That will be a future post, seeing as we haven't gotten caught up yet.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Date: Making Leaves

Lately Chase and I have been trying to do fun things on Friday night for our date night, because we get so lazy during the week. So Chase and I have been switching off weeks. One week I plan a date for Friday then the next week he plans a date, you get the idea. I saw this idea on another blog for a mom and her kids. I thought it would be a cute idea for us to do, since we don't have kids yet. Here's how they turned out.
 Shaving the crayons
 Chase's funky face, after his first ironing. I don't think he was too pleased with the results.
 Hurley watching patiently and wanting to get in on the action!Or just wondering why I'm taking a picture of him.
 Chase opted out of the fall colors and decided to do a purple leaf
Good thing I used a paper towel.
Mine after ironing

After this we waited a while and then went out to 5 mile pass to look at the stars, and take some cool pictures.

Looks like the sun's just setting right, well it's not. It was quite dark outside.
Leaving the shutter open for a few seconds. This was my first time doing it, so I didn't know how big to make my squigglies. 
 This time was a bit bigger. Pretty cool huh?
 Chase's time, isn't he sweet. :)
 He had to write this backwards. He's pretty good, right?
I was pretty cold, and this was my way of staying warm.
Aren't we so cute!? Gotta love married dates! ;)