Friday, September 17, 2010

The One with John D.

A few weekends ago, my dad gets a call from my 18 year old cousin asking if he could stay the night and if he could get picked up in Salt Lake because he was... Hitch Hiking across the United States. Yup he was thumbing his way from Maryland to Portland, Oregon. No joke. When I told family and friends they all thought he was crazy. For some reason I didn't. I actually thought it was something he would do. It apparently runs in the family too, because John's dad was giving HIM advice on how to hitch hike. So Chase, Hurley and I drove down to my dad's and visited for a few hours. He has definitely grown up since we saw him 2 years ago.
Here's a photo to prove he was in Utah. Not like we need to prove anything.
He only stayed in Portland a few days. He called my dad asking if he could stay another night about a week later. My dad called me and said he's coming in late and he really sounded like it was going to be too much of a hassle since it was going to be about 11:30 or 12 that he was coming in and my dad lives in Springville and he was coming in through Salt Lake. So I offered, plus we have an extra bed in our house. We didn't get in until about 12:30. While we were driving home he shared a lot of funny stories, luckily nothing bad happened to him. Anyways he loved staying at our house cause of the bed. :) We dropped him off with my dad the next day to hitch a ride down to I-70. I hope he made it home safe!

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